Montreal at Hamilton Play-By-Play Thread

Come on it was 45. It's not like it was easy....

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I would be more than happy for them to go on third down and not make it. Then attempt a field goal and miss like bertolet does.

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Whats the wind like? That was a HUGE punt...

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He was perfect last game that they played at THF.

Should end up with some -- forget it - thought they might get better FP after getting that stop but nothing better than average.
I thought the offense might look a bit better but so far they look a bit stagnant. Hopefully they get going and aren't limited by Masoli still having issues with the ribs.

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Is there another team with dollar store placekicking AND lame punting ?

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Can Masoli physically NOT throw past the Line of Scrimmage?

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There's usually some because of the escarpment but it's pretty calm here so I imagine that it's not a big factor.

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Was gusting earlier, has died down a bit now.

Masoli looks tentative

Ol giving masoli all the time... sarcasm

Shows you what a competent player can do...
19-yard difference between the MTL punt and this one.

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He's been given time today. Not everything is the Olines fault, they can't hold there blocks for ever

I FEEL the same way. BUT the wind is erratic, was quote strong for moments on those kicks, and swirling somewhat.

Or aren't the TV crew mentioning this?

As long as the larks keep shooting themselves in the foot with penalties, we might have a chance. D is playing pretty well and getting some needed stops.

Fack hope VA is going to be okay. Don't like seeing injured players. Hopefully just a stinger

VAJ is down, looks like his ankle...
Yep - he got his foot stepped on.

Okay let's not do a short run then screen haha

51-yd punt. Eleven more than Whitford's. We're getting pushed back on the exchanges...

Could we please have some freaking offense?

Based on the length of those punts, I'm wondering if there's a bit of wind at the larks' backs. Whitford is back and he was doing well the last couple of games that he did play. We'll be able to see if there's a difference in the second quarter if the Ticats punts start sailing further.