Montreal at Hamilton June 23 2023

We will be facing a well known face in Shiltz Friday night.
My prediction: Als win 27-17.

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I hope we win. But this feels like a trap game. Hamilton is seemingly in disarray, but they are at home and desperate. And Shiltz is actually an upgrade at QB given how poorly BLM has played.

Win or lose, I want the offense to score some touchdowns, protect Fajardo, and run the ball effectively. That’s the most important thing to me this early in the season.

I want to see improvement from both the o-line and d-line, we have to prevent Shiltz from taking off, but we should win this game.

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I hope that the Alouettes will win, but in the CFL pool I picked the Tiger-Cats. I do think that the Tiger-Cats have a better team than the Alouettes, particularly the offensive and defensive lines and receivers.

Presently, my biggest concerns with the Alouettes are the defensive ends.

Hoping to be wrong.


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Full participants at Tuesday’s practice include Davis, Exume, Fletcher, Notree, Harty, and A. Ellis.

I think the Als will win too.

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Je crois également que les Alouettes vont gagner et avec une différence de 3 points, 20-17.

Sur le site 3Downation, il y a un article sur l’uniforme des Alouettes qui sera utilisée lors de la partie du 1 juillet à domicile contre Winnipeg. Cette uniforme sera inspirée de celui de 1946, leur première saison, avec fonds rouge, chiffres blancs et bandes bleues.

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While I understand that we want to see more sacks from our D-line, the whole defense graded out at the top of the league in week 1 while we held Ottawa to 12 points and 0 TDs and intercepted Arbuckle three times. Many of our defensive players, including a couple of defensive linemen, were in the top 10 for their respective positions.

At the end of the day, a defense is paid to stop the other team from scoring, and that’s what they did in week 1. If they keep turning in those kinds of performances, we’ll be fine.

By contrast, we haven’t seen the offense firing on full cylinders yet. Let’s see what they can do against HAM.

Nafees Lyon injured and replaced at practice today by Kabion Ento who had looked good in pre-season.

Curious to know if Lyon’s injury is serious enough to keep him out of the Hamilton game. I guess we’ll know tomorrow.

Final injury report has 2 Ti-Cats starting OL (Coulter Woodmansey and Joel Figueroa) out for the game.

Sur le site de la CFL, il indique pour N. Lyon une blessure au genou et pour aujourd’hui, il indique qu’il n’a pas pratiqué. Le statut pour la partie est indiqué « questionable ».

Demain sur la charte des joueurs, nous connaîtrons s’il a été placé sur la liste des blessés pour une partie ou six (6) parties.

Kabion Ento 6’1 187 livres qui était un ailier offensif à la sortie de l’université, a été engagé par les Packers de Green Bay, puis entraîné comme demi coin, il a gagné 877,000$ de 2019 à 2022.

Au camp d’entraînement des Alouettes, il avait bien joué.

Agreed. There are some positives for Montreal. The defensive line and the défense against the run was excellent in all 3 games so far. Sp Team coverage has been sensational. Tackling has been crisp and reliable. Punting and placekicking top drawer.

I wish I could think of anything to say for the offence.

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No INT against the RB.

They also started to break off some runs in the fourth quarter of the game. Looked like they were getting into a groove. Maas openly said that Ottawa threw some schemes and fronts at them that they weren’t expecting. I have faith that they’ll improve.

Teams are always going to throw new things at you. That is why there is a term in football called “adjustments”. Hopefully Maas & co. will know how to use it down the road.


Isn’t that the whole point for teams on offense? Pas fort mon Jason!

Tiger-Cat o-line pretty depleted.

Figueroa is the fourth offensive tackle to go out with an injury. Tyrone Riley, who was the Game 1 starter at right tackle, is on the one-game injury list and backup Kyle Saxelid is on the six-game, as was veteran Chris Van Zeyl who was activated Wednesday so he’d be permitted to practice with the team, but, coming off surgery to both his hips, won’t dress for a game until he works up to speed.

And no Van Zeyl - hip hip hooray! (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

The other team gets paid to play too. Not saying I enjoyed us giving up 6 sacks, but credit where it’s due. Barron Miles called a good game, and Ottawa’s defensive front came to play.

This is a new system, new QB, new center, and new receivers. I don’t know why people expect everything to be golden out the gate. Offenses typically lag behind defenses early in the season anyway. The only offense that is really firing is the one with the most continuity, Winnipeg, which also has an elite QB behind center.

If we’re six games into the season and the offense is still performing like it did in week 1, I will be concerned then.

I was referring to Jason’s comment not the fact that the Offense played as they did.