Montreal at Edmonton

Today,the Als were forced to leave their practice field because of a gas leak at Stade Hebert. No breaks at all.


Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 13m13 minutes ago

In all likelihood, #Als' veteran DB Billy Parker will miss Thursday's game @ Edm with lower-body injury. Would be replaced by Greg Henderson

This is already shaping up to be a fugly loss.

Nicholas Di Giovanni ?@LWOSNick 3h3 hours ago
There are four kickers at #Alouettes practice waiting to try out. Boris Bede goes along the bench to shake their hands. #CFL #LWOS

He wanted to kick them but figured he would miss.

Eric Leblanc of RDS saying Delbert Alvarado also auditioning.

No word yet on Damon Duval.

On a serious note, Ill give credit to Bede for manning up to his issues and not hiding from the press. It cant be easy on him.

We've seen Alvarado in the past, he's actually pretty good. I guess will see.

Slant, this is your cue. Can you resist?

Ode to Pippin Le Whyte

O Pippin, when you left for Edmonton
How could we know?
That we'd miss you a ton,
Due to the Boris no-show

Your punts lacked a lot
Your kick-offs did too
But your field goals were hot
Hmm, not beyond forty two

The field it was long,
Does not matter to Slant
Our hobbit is gone
And so he will rant

Let's go Sean Whyte
Was the chant in Y1
That sunny day is now night
Goodbye, Pippin Le Blanc

And Edmonton is "peeved" about losing late against Ottawa, so it adds up to that expectation. But this has been a topsy-turvy season ... so, despite my pessimism about various issues and the need for significant change, hope never dies; or at least only game-by-game when the loss seems inevitable.

Our defense has only been effective against a WPG offense out of rhythm with Willy behind center, in the season opener, and a SSK team missing 4/5 starters on the offensive line. I shudder to think what Edmonton will do to us, given our 3-man pass rush, inability to stop the run, and regular tendency to let enemy QBs get into a nice rhythm early by conceding the underneath passes.

Supposedly, the Eskimos did not practice today. If true, then that means the Eskimos will only have the Tuesday session before they play the Als. Edmonton's defensive secondary this year is poor but then the passing game of the Als has not been lighting it up.

Didier Orméjuste noted that Philip Blake was back taking 1st team reps today. Billy Parker has missed both practices this week.

Haha phil..
no more rants on Whyte. No need.

Discipline...I think you are dwelling on the 3 man rush to the extreme,. Those have not been prevalent for 2 games now for the Als. Less than 20%. And keep in mind 3 man rush have been in vogue league wide for 2 years.

Defense is in the top half of league. Offense is cellar dwelling.

Facts are facts.

Calvillo has to up his game here against the leagues worst defense.

A claim that the defense is in the top half of the league is not a fact. That's an assertion, which you should really back up with some evidence.

Statistically, we're dead last against the run. There's no available metric for this, but I have looked at enemy QB completion percentage in each game we've played and it is ugly. This defense can't pressure the quarterback and can't get off the field when it needs to. That's not even counting the parade of DPI and UR calls at the worst possible time. Yes, Thorpe has finally stopped the 3-man rush (for the most part), but he's not sending enough pressure and his idiotic stunts out of open stances are neutering the linemen's ability to get upfield.

Calvillo needs to step up his game, sure, but he can't do much if guys like Louks fumble the ball and our "feature" back never makes the first guy miss, ever. Also nothing he can do if Bede misses field goal after field goal.

National kicker Johnny Mark who was an emergency signing by Sask. for their game Thursday because of Crapigna`s injury has been released, as they have Van Gylswyk coming off the 6 game.

He kicked field goals of 42, 40, and 34 yards and had a 47 yarder hit the upright.

Looks to me like he would make a good partner for Bede.

Partner? Based on last couple of games do we want Bede to punt?

I think taking the FG pressure away from him would make him a more relaxed punter. And his kickoffs have still been strong.

He's lost the right to any flex. His punts last game were absolutely horrendous. I would just sit him for a game, use that international roster spot to dress an extra defensive lineman or defensive back.

Edit: Looks like Louks will continue to get chances to redeem himself. ... ng-offence

I would cut that guy in a hurry and activate Martese Jackson, but Popp and Calvillo want continuity on offense. It's a way to go, I guess.

“We still believe he can get the job done,? Calvillo quickly added. “We told everyone on offence — listen, these are the guys we’re playing with. We have confidence in everybody right now. We have to be more consistent. That starts with us as coaches.?

Win or lose, succeed or fail, you can't say AC isn't taking responsibility.

The only stat that really makes a difference is points allowed.

Montreal defense is allowing 144 points against. rank 4th

BC 135
Calgary 142

Points scored:118 9th

Great, at least they'll have something to blame it on when they get clobbered in Edmonton! :lol:

From Jonathan Guay:

  • Blake taking 1st team reps at LG

  • Greg McGhee wearing No. 1. I guess Bridge`s number has not been retired.

  • Anthony Ferreira ex-McMaster likely Popps choice as kicker. (I cant find anything on that name on Google so it could be Anthony Alix).

Maybe he means Anthony Fera; a former BC Lion who was cut this past training camp like Greg McGhee.