Montreal at Edmonton-June 30,2017

Sorry Mike, but where the Als are concerned, alcohol doesn't do it for me anymore! LOL

I absolutely HATE double-headers when Als are out west.

Richard si tu compte le nombre de joueurs internationaux sur la charte de position le total est 20 incluant Rutley excluant les QB donc on doit sortir Rutley pour insérer Drew sur l'alignement de 44 joueurs. Tu t'es peut-être référer à la semaine passé où on avait 21 joueurs internationaux dans la liste de 46 joueurs et Rutley à été sortie de l'alignement.

Once again, the scratches are Brandon Rutley and Fabion Foote.

With all the coming and going of the DBs , it’s clear we should have kept Jovin.

TRUE veteran move by DD throwing the incomplete "chest pass" to avoid a sack ......... been a while since an Als QB had the awareness and clam to do that without risking an INT.

10-0 after one .... wouldn't have bet on that .... nor am I getting overly optimistic, but nice to have at least some reward for staying up past my bedtime.

Rookie mistake by #82 at the 1:02 mark .... not rolling forward until he got touched. Sutton bails him out with a long run on second and short.

When was the last time the Als gave up points with less than 2 minutes in a half and marched downfield to counter?

Night Night all

Happy Canada Day

Yawn...different year same crap. When was the last time we made a statement and took the momentum away for our opponent?

Darian Glenn where u been!

Plays like that the Alouettes have made me into a alcoholic

I don’t know what’s pissing me off more in this game Mls referees or Sean Whyte trying to show off his guns in his sleeveless jersey…my 13 year old son has bigger arms than you pinocchio

Good for them idiots another year same crap. Find ways to lose winnable game. Have fun with Jennings next week, that should be fun!

Three consecutive penalties to move goal-line stand to 1st and long? Who would have thought? :thdn:

As noted by play by play guys:" The Als red zone is a dead zone."

I know it's early yes way early but is Durant doing any better than a Adams or Cato?

[i]Johnny is sick of seeing Noel Thorpe’s “bend, bend, bend, bend and eventually break defence”.

The same crap for the last 5 years! His defence lets the opposing offence cross 70-80 yards, and hold onto the ball for 5-7 minutes each drive. You can’t win games like that!

It is also clear that the defence is missing Bear Woods. No pressure on Reilly. If the Edmonton receivers didn’t drop so many passes, we would have lost by at least 2 touchdowns.

Ernest Jackson or SJ Green? Green is looking even better. Jackson has caught 3 passes for 19 yards in 2 games so far.

Great moves there Kavis :roll:

A lacklustre, mediocre team at best our Als! :thdn: [/i]

That depth chart the Als put out was crap as Chip Cox did end up starting at halfback with Kyries Hebert going to SAM, and Branden Dozier playing WILL. Ryan Phillips at corner did not look good for the few plays before he got hurt. Phillips did come back in near the end of the game though. Nicolas Boulay got a few reps when Chris Ackie went out late in the game. Defense played the 4-3 most of the time this game but only put minimal pressue on Mike Reilly. That and you cannot win games with so many missed tackles.

On offense, Tyrell Sutton played great. Everbody else; not so much as almost every passing play was a struggle.

We could have squeaked one out. 55yard FG by Sean Whyte and interception killed us. But we did hang in with them.
Happy Canada Day!