Montreal at Edmonton-June 30,2017

Kavis built the roster, LMAO
No one is blaming him, I have strong reservations. I hope I'm wrong.

Starting Chip Cox at halfback makes zero sense to me. I think it is more likely the team inserts Donald Unamba there and leave Cox at LB. If Jalen Rogers is indeed active, then I could see Branden Dozier not dressing.

I do agree with you okie regarding Unamba. With regards to Rogers he could be added to the active roster but be a healthy scratch along with Brandon Rutley.


Frédéric Daigle says although Chip Cox practiced at halfback earlier this week, he is now back at LB. Also, Drew Willy will not dress.

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Je me demande encore ce que Termansen a fait de si mal pour ne jamais être considéré comme un substitut dans ces situations.

I' m a little slow but you meant I'd be upset if 4 American receivers don't dress.
Well considering our National receivers without Giguere I think everybody would be upset. :smiley:

Herb Zurkowsky says Jesse Joseph, Greg Henderson, and Travis Hawkins have been 6-gamed. Drew Willy is on the 1 game injured list.

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So game two and we have to try and hide Unamba and play a receiver short... Jackson still lining out at wide out. other than those two unicorns and one brain cramp. Looks good.

Déçu que Drew n'est pas de l'alignement avec une rotation avec Shologan, Westerman car la pression sur Reilly aurait été meilleure. Lorsque Drew est sur le terrain on insère Termanson comme DB à la place de Philips ( 34 ans ) pour le garder frais et dispo et on respecte ainsi le ratio.

Ben voyons, peut toujours bien pas deshabiller Haidara :wink:

Lol..........est bonne. Mais sérieusement on met Rutley out of the game.

Rutley est déjà "out of the game". Même s'il est parmi les 21 Int. actifs,excl. quarts, il est/a été laissé de coté,car seulement un max. de 20,toujours excluant quarts, peuvent jouer. Pour faire jouer Drew il faudrait sortir un des 20 joueurs qui ont participé/qui vont participer.


As per the transactions of June 28,2017, we can read: Tor. transfer to Mtl. Nat. Ol Jeff Perrett. Weird? Mistake? Jeff wants to retire an Alouettes?


Richard there`s a note on the bottom of June 28 Transactions that Perrett was transfered to Als Retired List. Like you said probably wants to retire an Alouette.

Thanks Sheldon. I just saw the note.


Int. DB Jalen Rogers was added to practice roster and Int. DB Wally Dorcin was removed from practice roster.


No big expectations for tonight's game nor for the season for that matter.

However, sports is all about preparation and execution. If they have prepared well and execute, who knows? It's that kind of thing that can build some momentum and give a little traction to a team that has struggled mightily over the last three seasons.

I can't watch the game tonight so I'm recording it. Hope to wake up to some unexpected good news tomorrow morning.

So, here's a very hopeful Go Als Go!

Who signed the players that are on the roster?

Expectations are pretty low for tonight. Got myself a 12 pack but I'll still watch and come here to b*tch, i love Friday night games...alcohol could make u forget about the pain u are watching...cant do that on Thursdays work the next day :stuck_out_tongue: