Montreal at Edmonton-June 30,2017

Since the first game is done, I just add the topic for this Friday's game.

With the injury to Greg Henderson-as reported by okie- I wonder if Travis Hawkins is ready to go; I do know that he had to leave last Thursday's game, but according to Jacques Chapdelaine,after the game, it was not serious. He did mention a stinger. I presume that Ramon Taylor is OK.


As per today's CFL transactions, DB Michael Charland has been released from roster and added to practice roster. I presume that Nat. S Daryl Townsend will be added to roster,from 1 game injured list, later on the week.

DT Daniel Awoleke has been released from practice roster.

Jacques Chapdelaine said that Int. DB Ryan Phillips was practicing. I suppose that he will replace Greg Henderson. He added that Samuel Giguère won't be ready for this week; most probably next week.


Jacques a dit que Hawkins passe encore des examens à savoir la nature exact de sa blessure ( cou - épaule ) car il ressent encore des engourdissement dans son bras et pour Ramon Taylor il continue d'avoir des ( up and down) avec des étourdissements de temps en temps, son cas est incertain.

Disons que Jovon Johnson a peut-être été libéré trop tôt et serait très utile en ce moment. Kavis........

There has been a lot of fakups with roster management and I hope we aren't about to see another one with Willy taking Adams spot. Another free player for Popp.

From Herb Zurkowsky:

Defensive-back Greg Henderson suffered a broken bone in his hand against Saskatchewan and will be sidelined indefinitely. … Fellow DB Travis Hawkins sustained an arm injury against the Riders early in the second half, while corner Raymon Taylor remains out with what management believes to be an inner-ear problem. … Canadian receiver Alex Charette has been released, while import DB Willy Dorcin comes onto the practice squad.

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Team posted a photo of Drew Willy at practice.

I hope we take full advantage of the Gigantic hole at the middle of the Eskimos defense.

Lol, i hope they dont take full advantage of the holes we have on defence. And yes, Jovon Johnson would of been a excellent capable backup to solidify the defence.

La tertiaire a été le principal point positif de la dernière partie. Si Phillips ne peut jouer, cette unité risque de ressembler à Mincy, Hollins, Termansen, Ackie et Wright. Dozier pourrait aussi y être appelé à la place de Wright. Ce n’est pas là la tertiaire la plus intimidante et Reilly pourrait en faire ses choux gras. Mais d’avoir Ackie et Termansen sur le terrain permettrait d’ajouter Drew au milieu de la ligne défensive, ce qui ne serait pas vilain selon moi.

Il devient donc primordial que l’attaque soutienne ses séquences offensives pour au moins gagner la bataille du positionnement. Honnêtement, je ne fonde pas beaucoup d’espoir sur cette partie. L’attaque n’est vraiment pas rodée et ne serait-ce que pour ça, les Alouettes devraient manger toute une volée.

N'empêche, à chaque fois que Termansen à été utilisé, il a très bien fait. L'état de la tercière des Alouettes ne m'inquiète pas.

So they practice at the Big O and play at Molson....seems a bit ironic.

M. Leblanc s`inquiete un peu.

Als trying different combinations in the def. backfield, including Chip Cox at wide side DB. Also trying to have a newcomer come in today or tomorrow.

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Some possible solutions to the DB injuries:

Notes — It appears veteran defensive-back Ryan Phillips, signed last winter as a free agent from B.C., will make his Als debut this week. … The Als are expected to re-sign DBs Jalen Rodgers and Donald Unamba, both of whom were at camp, due to a secondary that has been ravaged by injuries.

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Article on the Eskimo's Defensive Line:

This isn’t a front four, it’s a front six with a spare.

“When we decided to change the ratio this year, it was with the intent of getting after the quarterback, being physical and being big up front. That’s where you control the game, by controlling the line of scrimmage,? said Maas. “With the depth we have, that’s what we wanted to do. We want guys fresh. We played 71 plays on defence, and I think they all played about 38 plays. To do that, you have to have depth, and I think we have that on our D-line.?

Willis is 32. Howard and Hunt are 31. Sewell is now 30.

“We know they’re up there in age, that there’s a number of them that are. They’re not spring chickens and you can’t play them on every play. But right now, those are the guys we think can win it for us and do great things.

“I think our D-line is deep. They’re big. They’re physical. They can get after the quarterback in pass rush. They can hold up against the run. They can do all those things. But that was a focal point coming into the season.?

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Since Maas says his DL has age & is restricting their playing time to about 38 plays each, I will post the age of the Als DL and repost the number of plays from Game 1.

Eskimos DT
Almondo Sewell (30)
Da’Quan Bowers (27)
Euclid Cummings (26)

Eskimos DE
Odell Wilis (32)
Phillip Hunt (31)
Kwaku Boateng (22)

Alouettes DT
Keith Shologan (31)- 46 plays (69.7%)
Jabar Westerman (28) - 46 plays (69.7%)

Alouettes DE
Gabriel Knapton (28)- 57 plays (86.3%)
John Bowman (34) - 56 plays (84.9%)
Ivan McLennan (23) - 14 plays (21.2%)

According to Herb Zurkowsky, the replacements for Raymon Taylor and Greg Henderson will be Ryan Phillips and Chip Cox.

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Not sure if I believe Cox moving to DB. Who then would play SAM LB? Branden Dozier?

Herb writes that along with Ryan Phillips, who will play CB, Int. DB's Donald Unamba and Jalen Rodgers are expected to be activated for Friday's game; if so, I wonder who will be out. We know that Henderson and Hawkins, who both played last Thursday, are out meaning that 2 spots are available; if a third Int. DB is activated, another Int. player will have to be out. DE McLellan? LB Dozier? WR Underwood? -Sheldon will have bad dreams,if such.- 3 Int. DB's could be added to active roster and only 2 may dress.

We should know more Thursday or Friday.


Not only do I consider him an underrated receiver Richard, I`m envious of his haircut. :smiley: But I do wonder sometimes how he gets the helmet to fit.

As much as I love Chip Cox, I have to wonder if moving him to DB likely to be replaced at SAM by Dozier, is one step closer to moving him out the door.

Chip had a tough game last week against Sask., and last year was certainly not his best season.

He was moved to LB because he couldn't play HB... So many crazy moves being made, they are either Geniuses or Kavis has no clue what he's doing.

He was moved to LB because he couldn't play HB... So many crazy moves being made, they are either Geniuses or Kavis has no clue what he's doing.

Is Kavis the Head Coach? No! The moves are made by the Head Coach and Noel Thorpe. Let's stop blaming Kavis!