Montreal at Edmonton GT, Sun. Nov. 1, 4 pm et, TSN

Montreal Alouettes vs. Edmonton Eskimos
Sun 4PM ET / 1PM PT on TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

Montreal is in tough to keep its West crossover berth hopes alive. Edmonton needs to push for a win to keep ahead of Calgary as it has a bye next week. I like the home team's chances here.

Oski Wee Wee,


If MTL loses, quite a streak of success will come to an end. They've been in the playoffs for 19 straight seasons. But, on the other hand, their loss will allow BC to match that mark as they've been in the last 18 straight seasons.

Game two of the doubleheader is up!

No Popp on the sideline due to vertigo so Thorpe is the "acting" HC today. Watching but not listening and looks like it could be a close game. 10-7 EE early in the 2nd.

Fred Stamps with a TD against his old team mates to put the Larks ahead by 4 with the convert (assuming a kicked convert) 14-10. Just over 3 minutes remaining until half time.

14-13 larks at half time. They are playing like their lives depend on it and indeed their play off lives do. Still rooting for the EE.

Only caught the end of that bad, bad injury, so didn't hear who it was. (Looked like number 60?) I don't like the Birds, but I hope that he's going to be OK. I heard he wasn't breathing at one point and that it is a spinal/neck injury. :confused: Hope he'll be okay... If I was religious, I'd pray for ya, buddy.

Injured Montreal player is #90 Mike Klassen

Larks with 4 turnovers are not going to win this one! BC will be sending them thank you cards :smiley: 2 minute warning and still down by 11.

Final score 40-22 for the EE who are finished their regular season and take 1st in the west. Meanwhile the dirty birds are OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS! :smiley: Looks good on ya Jim Popp!