Montreal at Edmonton Game Thread- Saturday October 14, 2023

I’m an Als fan but saying Cody “won” this one is a bit of a stretch IMO. He turned the ball over twice, only threw for one TD, and basically relied on two majors from the other two units.


That’s game, set and match, yet another disappointing game and season. The Elks still gotta find a QB, it was fun watching Ford for a few games but now teams have watched film on him and have him figured out.

Disagree, I think Ford’s a keeper. They need to stick with him and devise an attack based on his strengths. They have lots of weapons at receiver. I expect the Elks to be competitive next year.


He has the tools, needs development … I’m an Als fan … I’d consider Fajardo for Ford if you are up for it … for next season.


Only problem with that is that our coaches would try to turn him into a pocket-passing statue instead of playing to his strengths.

Look at what Maksyvic has done with Adams in BC. That’s what some of these dinosaur offensive minds need to do when they have a QB who can make plays with his feet.

I-M-O … Als need to hire a proven OC and take the job away from Maas (no matter what the org-chart says).


I would turn playcalling over to AC first. He did a good job in difficult circumstances last year, taking over from Khari Jones after four games. Get AC down at field level, let him call the plays, and put Lionello in the pressbox if they really need someone to be the eye in the sky.

I want a complete re-design of the offence, not just playcalling.

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You and I may want it, but realistically there is zero chance of that happening. Maciocia is not going to force Maas to turn over playcalling AND have the new person design a new offence, making four different offences in three different seasons (KJ, then AC, then Maas, then new guy).

I don’t think Maas’s playbook is bad. I think he doesn’t call good RZ plays and he gets into weird ruts where he forgets that one element of his offensive toolbelt exists. Sometimes it’s the underneath stuff, sometimes it’s the deep ball, sometimes it’s the run game.

I can also see Maas making the argument that he’d have better results with a better QB. And honestly it isn’t a bad argument. He’s been tied to Cody Fajardo for four years.

We do have a good receiving corps, but if you can’t get the ball to them it doesn’t matter much. He never even tried to stretch the field at all this afternoon. One thing I really like about Ford is he doesn’t throw a lot of bad passes resulting in interceptions.

I was at the game so didn’t see that. That’s disgusting! Agree that the players who are upbeat and just happy to have the opportunity - and credit the others around them - are the kind of players one wants to see on a team.

I know that I was only half watching the game, but I thought that Ford looked good at times. He’s young, has a good skill set and is definitely worth developing I think.

I buy lottery tickets … so I can dream for the “best” and hope reality is at least “better”.

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I agree that he protects the ball well. On the deep game, that’s hard when your OC isn’t targeting that part of the field and the other team is getting a strong pass rush. He looked fantastic in the first quarter moving the ball and scoring majors. Then Montreal made adjustments and started sending pressure. We have a good group of cover DBs playing behind an improved pass rush so I don’t blame Ford for struggling a bit.

Next year, with an offence tailored to his skill set, I think he’ll have a breakout season.


“Next year, with an offence tailored to his skill set, I think he’ll have a breakout season.”

Meanwhile the rest of us will be having nervous breakdowns. That guy’s a human highlight reel.

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Never the less, he’s the q.b. On a ten win team, The same thing happened in sask. The d. And special teams scored lots too. Team.

For sure. He did some good things. But we in Montreal have watched him play all year and there’s never really been a game where he’s put the team on his back and led them to a win. That’s all I’m saying.

I’d hire Fajardo befote Maas.
Not a huge fan of either, but I have an exceedingly poor opinion of Maas

Well, given how things ended for Maas in Riderville, I don’t blame you. But he seems to doing well for us in Montreal. And has learned how to control his emotions better. All the so-called experts had us finishing last in the league at the start of the season. Instead, we’re 10-7 and hosting a playoff game.

Yes and we’re sitting here with our highly regarded q.b. With a broken knee, from running away from a porous o-line who can’t protect anyone. 6-11, in which 2 games were barely won. How do you expect the team to go anywhere, the game is won in the trenches, I keep hearing that.

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I think the big mistake SSK made this offseason was not paying enough attention to solidifying the O-line. Particularly with a guy like Trevor Harris who is not mobile. Yes, I know Philip Blake was supposed to be part of the plan and he unfortunately got injured early, but he’s at the tail end of his career and wasn’t going to magically transform the O-line even if he’d stayed healthy the whole season.

The other issue is a rookie OC (Jeffrey) working for a lame-duck head coach working for a lame-duck GM, the latter two both in the final year of their respective contracts.

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