Montreal at Calgary GT, Sat. August 1, 7 pm et, TSN

Montreal Alouettes at Calgary Stampeders
Saturday, August 1
7 pm et / 4 pm pt
TSN 1,3,4,5

Calgary is pretty beat up after the Ottawa loss -- Cornish's injury is a big blow for them. Montreal has a chance to continue the East's surprising lead in head-to-head matchups against West teams. Still, it will be a tall task to beat the defending champs in their own stadium.

Oski Wee Wee,


Our third CFL game in three nights!
I know this is the TiCat Forum but we have come to rely on you for help and info. If you would rather we stop please let us know.
Only question so far is who is favored to win tonight?

According to CFL Pick Em it's 71% - 29% for the Stampeders. I'll be disappointed if the Stamps falter at home vs the Als as they are my second favourite team.

Thanks "tabbie" we really appreciate your response.
Game is starting and so are the "discussions" already.

Black and Ford in the booth tonight. Hope, hope hope

Oh goody that means Black likely won't be calling the Ticats game! :smiley:


TSN is experiencing a broadcast difficulty tonight.

Rod Black's diatribe is stuck on Nik Lewis playing against his old team in this game.

As a result of this problem, you may suffer great frustration and annoyance. Please keep heavy and sharp objects from you and your television.

They cannot fix this.

First Quarter MTL 17 Cal 0 with 2:46 left. This could be a blow out. Who saw this coming?

Brutal Calgary is making everone look good this year

Looks like the tide is changing Calgary only down by 3 now with 10:49 left in the half

Is the Frenchman reffing?

Hi folks!

TSN cameras keep swiveling to shots of Cornish SITTING in the stand like a fan -how dare he? :wink: :smiley:

Nope Kim Murphy and crew,

20-17 Als after a Paredes chip shot FG. Stamps have clawed back into this one.

Thankfully I am listening to TSN 690 Montreal to avoid Rod Black's verbal diarrhea.

Als up by three at the half, 20-17.

The Stamps with a smooth drive capped by a Mitchell-to-McDaniel TD strike -- 24-20 Calgary with the convert.

Hoping that Huff's gamble to take the wind in this quarter and depend on his defense to hold off the larks in the fourth pays off for them.

Als eating up the clock time here against the wind not allowing Stamps to build up a lead.

BIG fumble by Thompson Collins inside the five-yard line after being wide open and seemingly running in a reception for a TD. Calgary has the ball deep in its own end.

Calgary is a bit sloppy here with a time count violation and a forced timeout as they were not organized on another play. Calgary leads 24-20 after three quarters.