Montreal at Calgary 10/15/06

According to Joey Alfieri, Boris Bede will replace Anthony Fera for the upcoming game. Brandon Rutley will once again start at running back for the injured Tyrell Sutton.

Alex Charette has been removed from the 6-game Injured List and added to the Active Roster.

Kristopher Bastien and Cody Hoffman have been dropped from the Practice Roster.

Stamps by 20, or Stamps by 30-40?

How many turnovers and two-outs for us?

BLM throws how many touchdowns? 4? Completion percentage at 70% or 85%?


BLM doesn`t have to strain his arm, just keep handing the ball to Messam.

Maybe Calgary should field only 11 men in all three phases. That way, we could have a fighting chance of losing a close, competitive game.

I am doing my Broken Matt Hardy impression and making more deletes:

Anthony Coady
Tyree Hollins
Martese Jackson
Greg McGhee

Edit: Looks like these players were not released but just moved to practice roster.

From Herb Zurkowsky:

Defensive-tackle Ray Drew, who was added when practice rosters were recently expanded, will dress for the first time. Calgary runs the ball extensively and, in Jerome Messam, has the CFL’s leading rusher. Canadian receiver Alex Charette also is scheduled to make his season debut. Defensive-tackle Jeff Finley suffered an ankle injury against the Argos, while Anthony Coady will be a healthy scratch along with defensive-back Tyree Hollins.

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Charrette is interesting. Looks like Chapdelaine didn't appreciate the lack of physical involvment of his receivers

On another note looks like Glenn's comment is directed at Jim Popp :lol:

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Well, if you look at the receivers, Lewis is physical and that's about it. Carter is a great talent but he's not going to get out there and throw blocks on a WR screen that effectively. Stafford is useless. Giguere is soft. Cunningham is average in the physicality department. This is where we really miss a guy like S.J.

Hard to say. Kevin Glenn might be joking that in one way, Nik Lewis is like Trump.


-Stamps clinched the West this past Monday. Their next meaningful game is November 20. That is a span of 41 days. Longest gap between clinching the division and the playing the divisional finals is 50 days which happened with the 1993 Bombers and 2009 Als.

-Even though all the teams in the East are under .500, no team with a losing record has ever won their division.

-No team in the East has been mathematically eliminated from FINISHING FIRST OR FINISHING LAST.

-A crossover will happen if both the Als are Argos lose this week.

-Calgary QB's have been sacked one in every 40.1 "dropbacks" which leads the league. Als are last allowing a sack every 11 dropbacks.

-Last Week, Bo Levi Mitchell set the CFL record with his 14 consecutive start without a loss. This week, a victory by Mitchell establishes the mark for most consecutive wins (13).

-A win by Mitchell will allow him to tie Ken Ploen with the most wins in his first 50 starts (42).

-Stamps are on a 14 game unbeaten streak. The record is 21 set by Calgary over 2 seasons in 1948-1949.

-Western teams have beaten Eastern teams in 13 consecutive games.

-Any further wins by the Stamps will give Dave Dickenson the record for the most wins as a Rookie Head Coach.

-Stamps lead the league averaging 7.3 yards per 1st down play. Als are 7th at 6.5 yards per play.

-Stamps have committed 20 turnovers this year. Bombers: 21. The record for fewest turnovers is 23 set by BC in 2012.

-In the race for most tackles, Solomon Elimimian leads with 105. Bear Woods is second a 102.

-Als are now 0-10 when trailing after 3 quarters.

-Nik Lewis needs 16 more receptions to become #4 all-time.

-Last week, the Als lost by 20+. Stamps won by 20+. The last time the Als lost by 20 and beat a team that won by 20 the previous week was in 9/11/11.

-Of the 65 300+ yards individual passing performances this year, 2 have been accomplished by Alouette quarterbacks (both by Kevin Glenn). Mitchell has 11.

-Mitchell has thrown for multiple TD's in each of his last 6 games.

-Als FG% of 63.9 is the lowest CFL mark since the 2007 Blue Bombers (61.2)

-Stefan Logan is within 58 yards of 2000 combined yards this season. Logan needs 152 more yards in kickoff returns to set a team record.

-Duron Carter has been targeted 6 times in the last 2 games.

-Marquay McDaniel has a consecutive reception streak of 70 games.

-It is possible that Jerome Messam might be the only 1000 yard rusher his year. Last time there was only one 1000 yard rusher was 2014 with Jon Cornish leading the league.

-DaVaris Daniels has 690 yards in 8 games which would be on pace for over 1500 yards if he played the full year. Daniels has the highest TD% per catch in the league at 18.4.

-Charleston Hughes is tied for the lead league with 12 sacks.

[i]Right on the money Sheldon! There is no way we are stopping that 230 pound beast and his offensive line :cry:

If Messam rushes for 200 yards against us, like they say in french: Johnny ne tomberas pas en bas de sa chaise...[/i]

I know it`s easy to be a Friday morning QB, but imagine if we still had Messam and Chris Rainey in our backfield.

First of all, we have a good running back. Tyrell Sutton led the league in rushing last year! But it would be difficult for any RB to be productive in this offense, particularly when we don't have a commitment to the run.

Second, I want no part of wife-beater Rainey in any way, shape, or form. Glad that guy is gone. Really, he should not be employed at all in the CFL but I guess the league is happy to give domestic violence cases employment without repercussion. But if you don't mic yourself up for a game, oh boy, then the hammer falls. :roll:

Herb wrote that “Anthony Coady and Tyree Hollins will be the healthy scratches in tomorrow’s game”. I doubt it, since they both have been released from the active roster and added to the practice roster. They had to be released from the active roster since Boris Bede and Alex Charette were added to the active roster.

Nat. DL Jeffrey Finley will most probably be transferred from the active roster to the 6 game injured list and Int. DL Ray Drew will go from the practice roster to the active roster. There would then be 25 Int. players and 21 Nat. players on the active roster, meaning that 2 Int. players will be the healthy scratches tomorrow.

Unless Anthony Fera goes to the injured list, I expect that him,along Int. LB Jared Koster, will be the healthy scratches tomorrow.


Jerome Messam is listed as 6-3 254lbs.

The average size for the Stamps offensive line is 6-5 327lbs which is the heaviest in the league. For comparison, here are the numbers of the two teams that ran over the Als. Edmonton: 6-7 317lbs. BC: 6-6 312lbs.

Als OL would look okay if you just looked at numbers: 6-5 310lbs. Too bad their largest players (actually whole line) have played poorly this year.

Considering that the Eastern teams have lost 13 straight to the West, it is no surprise that the other 3 Eastern teams have the smallest OL's in the CFL.

One could reasonably argue that the #1 personnel issue going into next year would be to somehow fix the OL. Either pray the existing line gets better, or changes are needed.

Noel Thorpe must realize that the Als are overmatched against the Calgary's huge OL. Team was practicing with both a 3-4 & 4-3 defense on Thursday according to Joey Alfieri.

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Herb Zurkowsky posted that he is still hearing that the Als are still $300,000 over the cap, and that it might be too late to fix the issue.

Also likely that Chap has told him to start moving toward a 4-3 in the games they have remaining, irrespective of the opponent. Sure, Calgary is a load, but our 3-4 front hasn't been particularly effective against anybody.

So Herb keeps hearing that the Als are still $300,000 over the cap and that it might be too late to fix the situation. Fix the situation? Does Herb think that the team will play with a roster of only 32 players for the next 4 games.

I wrote that before and I still can't imagine that the Als are in excess of the approved cap of $5.1 millions; if so, they would have a penalty of no less than $600,000 and lose first round drafts picks. They may be in excess of the budget, because of so many players on 6 game injured list, but not above the approved cap. Makes no sense. Did Jim Popp gave a $300,000 signing bonus to Duron? Did he gave Vaughn Martin a signing bonus of $200,000? Same to Kenny Stafford?

If ever the Als are over the approved cap by such an amount, Jim Popp shall be fired as soon as possible along with Justin Casey, the Salary Cap Analyst. If they can't manage $5.1 millions, they shall go.

I surely hope that someone in the Organization, preferably Mr. Andrew Wetenhall would give a clear picture of the situation.

If the Als were still $300,000 over the cap, why would they keep/have 15 players on the practice roster; they could easily reduce it to 3 or 4. Yes, players on practice roster are not paid that much, but it still has an impact on the approved cap.


That would be the end of Popp in the CFL and would likely require a league intervention. The Als have already given up their pick, that would mean no top rounder till 2019 and a very discouraged ownership if they have to pick up a 300k fine in addition to all the problems.

If that is true, there is no way they can find 300k in four weeks while fielding a full roster.