Montreal at BC

On RDS site, I read that Jonathan Crompton's shoulder is OK and he is practicing. If he is on the 46 active player, I suppose that Brandon Bridge will be transferred to 1 game injured list. It also says that it looks as if both John Bowman and Jerald Brown will sit/ won't play for a second game.


Popp should cut him to remove any temptation by his crew of moron on the sidelines to pull Cato

:thup: :thup:

The Als have stunk up BC place for years in the annual Toilet Bowl. It's rather unlikely that I'll stay up late enough to watch the traditional slaughter. Only question is, by which factor of 10 will they lose?

And frankly, I'm not sure I want to watch any more Als games this year. That last one was so atrocious, so repugnant, so frustrating, that this season ticket holder doesn't want to waste another 3 hours of his time until Turk Schonert gets shown the door.

Oh Higgins says after the game, perhaps we should have had Cato move the pocket to avoid getting sacked. Well DUH, why didn't Turk do that DURING the game?

Turk can't handle 3rd and 1 plays because he's not familiar with the CFL? Well those 21,000 fans who paid good money to watch a game don't care, they want to see professional CFL football.

Turk can't stir up the O to score more than 2 fri**in' field goals, at home? Seriously? Three first downs in three quarters, is that the new norm?

There's no excuse for the heaping load of garbage that Montreal fans were served last week. Out with Schonert now, or this fan ain't watching no more.

Absolutely ridiculous to sit Bowman! Again! Last week they wanted to play that sham Michael Sam, but they sit Bowman! Further proof that fossil Higgins doesn't have a clue.

There's a time when the best of veterans reaches the end of a productive career.

Unfortunately, I don't trust Higgins to be the judge of that, simply because he's trusting Schonert to run the offence.

Don't know. If the Als are getting massacred and the offence offers no more protection than against Edmonton I might not mind seeing Crompton being the one to get beat up.

Herb is writing that Jonathan Crompton resumed practicing; he adds: "he continues suffering from inflammation in his shoulder and don't expect him to be activated any time soon."


For the first seven games of 2015, only once -game in Ottawa- did the Als dressed 3 Int. DE's; in the other 6 games, either an additional Int. WR or an Int. RB was dressed/played.

I have no problem whatsoever with Aaron Lavarias replacing John Bowman; on the other hand, if the Int. RB's don't carry the ball more than in last game, I would rather see an additional DE -John- dressing/playing.


On RDS - - near the end (around 4:21) Didier reports that Nick Lewis and Jerald Brown collided near the end of practice and both seemed to hurt their ankles; no sense of the severity.

Also, ( Solomon Elimimian suffered a torn Achilles tendon Saturday night against the Kitty-Cats.

One less thing for Schoenert to not be able to plan for for.

The way I see it, no loss if Lewis does not end up dressing.

The question here is the following :

Will Cato make it back without being injured to then go into Tim Horton's field the following week where he will face the Cats who have yet to lose during the regular season since moving to this stadium?
And then go up against the Cats who are on a roll.

You thought Schonert was a standup guy? Uh huh. … ng-offense

Not word one about his complete inability to send in a play on time. But plenty of this:

“We’ve had lots of opportunities each week to put up points and a lot of yards up,? Schonert added. “I don’t give a s— about yards. I care about points. We’ve let too many points go by the wayside. We were second and long the whole game. In the second half, it seemed we were backed up. We didn’t execute our game plan.?

You care about points, Turk? Here’s a point for you: 6 offensive points (two field goals) in 60 effing minutes of football. We are last in the league in offensive touchdowns scored. And if you don’t put together the yards, you will never score the points. :thdn: :thdn:

Get this arrogant moron off the team before his crayola playbook gets Cato carted off the field on a stretcher…

I'll repeat: Trestman certainly had his share of faults, but one thing he did was take responsibility when things weren't working. If the team got embarrassed or blown out, he stepped up and wore it. He didn't dogpile the players. In that first year, 2008, when his inexperience with CFL clock management cost us a couple of close games, he owned those mistakes. I see no ownership, no responsibility from Schonert or Higgins. It's platitudes galore or blaming the players.

Most of our plays are doomed to failure because the guy drawing them up is incompetent and can't even send a play in on time. Point blank.

He sure did. I remember him saying he did not realize how much of the game was played in the final 3 minutes.
He owned that mistake and learned from it.

You are correct. Not once have I heard either Higgins or Shonert own up to their mistakes.

It's the mediocrities who have to resort to blaming others. Good coaches, like good players, own their mistakes, because they don't make many of 'em. :wink:

Trestman was a success in the NFL. Schonert was a failure in the NFL. There's the difference between the two of them. One is a great offensive football mind, the other a journeyman coach at best.

Im expecting a great night sleep. And hoping i get to see the beautiful Kate Bierness show me the highlights of the Alouettes losing 40-3 as i enjoy my morning toast and nutella.

Je prend un sérieux risque en disant que les Alouettes vont perdre cette partie, je sais, mais c'est le sentiment que j'ai.

Je ne comprends pas la décision de mettre Bowman de côté au profit de joueurs moins explosifs que lui. Laissez Hefney de côté et mettez Bowman sur le terrain. Bowman n'a pas sa meilleure saison, mais il n'a pas encore coûté un match aux Alouettes. Hefney en a déjà coûté 2.

La seule chose que je souhaite pour cette partie, c'est que cette équipe ne soit pas totalement déclassée, comme c'est son habitude à Vancouver.

Well, if we reach the halfway mark of the season at 2-7, I don’t see how the team would avoid having to make changes. The good news, for all of us, is that two more losses are all but guaranteed. We never win in BC, and we’ll likely get slaughtered at THF, where Hamilton has yet to lose. So there will be no lipstick to put on this particular pig. Everything will be exposed, which hopefully means that Popp and Wetenhall will act…