Montreal At BC Week 19 2011 Last Of Regular Season

One possible link for those of you in the US:

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If that does not work in a bit, I will find others.

Showdown; first place is on the line. Get er done == Go Als

There has never been a game this year that I want BC to win more than is one.

Nice Sack for pappy Johnson!

Go Lions!!

And that leads to the punt single........1-0 Montreal
LuLay will answer after good return after kickoff

And that he did! 7-1 Lions.

Nice opening drive by BC.

Damnit! Anyone have a good link online? :x

A.C must feel stunned on thier first 2 drives?

Wow... It's looking more like I'll be going to a football game next weekend in Edmonton.

All I have is the game on radio :frowning: :

Wow, the first time I ever saw A.C lose it! BC "D" really sticking it to him!!

To be honest, this isn't surprising me.

I see BC in the Grey Cup. The east? 50/50 between Montreal and Winnipeg

Damn, haven't seen the Alouettes being this dominated in ages!

Woohoo! 21-1

Me neither, but I'm not complaining.

Poor ref. he took a facemask to the ear!

Lions continue to dominate!

So will Montreal actually give it a try to win the bye and home field advantage, or will they as I would think just mail it in and get ready for Hamilton at home?

Something tells me that Montreal won't come through in the second half, but I won't know until tomorrow.

I can’t remember the last time I saw the Als so flat. This is turning into a blow out.