Montreal are 2009 grey cup winners!

Good job guys! what a good comeback, riders were beating you the whole game, and came back and won when you most needed it. Unfortunate for the riders that when Montreal did miss the field goal, the riders got a penalty which made them lose the game when they should of won. That player must feel horrible, all the players celebrating and then all of a sudden a re kick which wins the game. And then, if there was no penalty, and the montreal kicker missed the field goal, he would feel like crap also.

I did say I wanted the riders to win, but, it actually didn't really matter who because BC was out. But if I had to choose now, I am happy Montreal won, they deserved it, down the whole game, and comeback at the very end when they need it. And all those other grey cups when they lose, and they finally win one, they deserve it. Good job Montreal, you guys have been dominate all year round, and you finally finished it off with a great win! I think we all knew you guys were going to win this season with your 15-3 record. Better luck next time durant, but you wont get a next time because our Lions will be knocking you guys out of the play offs every year now :wink:

It was inspirational watching the Grey Cup to-day to see the head coach of the Montreal Alouettes lead his entire team in prayer in the locker room before the game. Anthony Calvello the QB of the Alouettes in an after the game interview gave thanks to Jesus his Lord and Saviour.... Following is report from the Toronto Sun on dejected Rider
fans following the game.

Rider Nation roar silenced by loss
Last Updated: 29th November 2009, 10:52p ... 74496.html

The roar of two CF-18 fighter-bombers couldn’t outdo the thunder of Rider Nation at McMahon Stadium.

But a glum silence descended on the green wall of football fury as the Montreal Alouettes stole a last-second, 28-27 victory.

Stunned Rider fans like Dave Rancourt of Saskatoon were briefly at a loss for words.

“Unbelievable ... but the Als were favoured to win,? said a green and white-painted Rancourt, 45.

Dressed as a green Elvis Presley, Ron Delaet said his team left the building too early.

“I’m shocked - I don’t know how to describe it,? he said.

By contrast, joyous Stampeder fans Brian and Gord Cook — clad in anti-Rider gear — turned their voices on the suddenly subdued gang green.

“Watermelons not refundable,? yelled Gord.

The Calgarian called the Rider demise sweet justice, recalling a frightening visit to Mosaic Stadium two years ago for the western semi-final.

“Their fans treated us like crap - we almost feared for our lives,? he said.

“They think they can invade any stadium but you can’t go into their house.?

The green noise might have helped their team somewhat, said his brother Brian, “but at the end of the day, you have to have a better quarterback.?

Prospects for Rider Nation looked much better for most of the game. The score was 17-3 in their favour at the half and Saskatchewan fan Richelle Henry was savouring the moment.

“The atmosphere here is blowing my mind,? said Henry, 30, who couldn’t believe the field of green in the McMahon stands.

Rider loyalist TJ Karwandy, robed like Moses, said he needed only one commandment — Saskatchewan shalt not lose.

“You don’t need a prayer with all this support,? he said, surveying the milling green masses outside McMahon.

Police were surprised by what few problems they encountered given the river of booze flowing through the crowd of 46,000.

Only a few unruly drunks were evicted.

Stadium concessions ran out of Coors beer early, something one official said only happens when the Riders visit.

Has anybody else noticed that the last 4 teams to beat us in divisional finals have won the grey cup. And thank you Als for beating the riders so us lions fans know that we lost to the best team in the league :rockin: . Riders lose again hahahahaha, im not surprised. I just hope we can improve our team enough in the offseason to compete for the cup next year, and hopefully I can swing it so I can make it to Vancouver again for a game next year. The best thing about being a lions fan in saskatchewan is being able to beak the rider fans when their team ,oses and i will NEVER.....i mean NEVER let them forget this loss. This will probably be my last post here till next season so good luck to all you other Leos fans, and have a happy holiday.
Yours Truly,
orangeandblack, the only known case of a Saskatchewan born Leos Fan :twisted:

Did you know Anthony Calvillo and many other CFL players are involved with Athletes in Action? Here is something about
their organization and their annual Grey Cup Breakfast:

Click the following link to watch the AIA video and for more information about the AIA Grey Cup Breakfast 2009

Grey Cup Breakfast

The Grey Cup, one of Canada’s largest sporting events, celebrates sport and community with a storied history of deep traditions. This year Calgary has twice as much to celebrate. Not only are we hosts of this great event but we are also the home of the CFL champion Stampeders! It will be a fantastic celebration on many fronts.

For over thirty years, Athletes in Action has been a part of this Canadian tradition by providing a fun filled, entertaining event called the Grey Cup Breakfast. Countless players and coaches such as Henry Burris, Kenyon Rambo, Anthony Calvillo, Kerry Joseph, Wally Buono, Michael “Pinball? Clemons and other CFL stars have helped make this event a highlight of the Grey Cup festivities.

The event provides photo opportunities with the Grey Cup itself, prizes and local entertainment. However, the element that makes the breakfast so unique is the fact that the players share not only football stories but also their life stories. Attendees are given a rare glimpse into the men behind the uniforms.

In partnership with LeaderImpact group, this years breakfast will focus upon the marketplace leaders of Calgary. Hear the leadership lessons of players and how to win both on and off the field! As part of their presentations you will also hear how their faith in God has impacted both their professional and personal lives.

AIA Background

The AIA Grey Cup Breakfast is organized every year by the host city’s local Athletes in Action chapter. The last time the Grey Cup came through Calgary, over 1,200 people attended the AIA Grey Cup Breakfast. With the charisma of players and coaches like Anthony Calvillo and Michael “Pinball? Clemons (past speakers), the Breakfast is not only inspiring, but a lot of fun.

Since 1974, Athletes in Action has had a positive influence on the lives of thousands of people. AIA works with the athletic world from children’s camps to professional locker rooms sharing a message of hope, positive lifestyles and lasting values. When it comes to professional sports, we all know the huge following athletes have in our culture. The goal of Athletes in Action is to help these athletes use the platform they have to be a positive influence in the lives of others.

TSN turning point......someone is on the field when he shouldn't have been giving Duvall, who was screwing up all game, another chance to win it after he blew it the first time.

It was like watching a 3 hour movie and the ending didn't make sense. I would have rather had Duvall hit the field goal and there only be 12 guys on the field for Sask than to watch something that shouldn't happen past PeeWee. Can't even feel good for Montreal as they choked when they had the chance and shouldn't have been given another.....brutal!

Headline should read "Sask grabs defeat from the clutches of Victory"
A tough "Pil" to swallow for Rider fans....lmao.

Go Lions.

This Grey Cup game proved once again why Canadian Football is the BEST entertainment in the world of sports!