montreal, ANOTHER new jersey?

how many jerseys do they have now....home, away, blue 3rd, black 3rd, plus this new black 3rd....WOW.

I like it. They got it right this time.

i agree, its alot better than thier other black jersey…but id rather them not wear 3rd’s at all.

this jersey looks like it should belong to another team all-together, rather than someones 3rd.

I don't mind it. Then again, I don't scrutinize the jerseys as much as some of you do on here. :lol:

most teams have 2 - MAYBE 3 - ...montreal has 5

I like it. I wish the Argos had a light blue 3rd jersey.

not me...i like that they only have 2.

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double posted and didn't delete in time.

donc la meme chose en francais...

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That does seem a bit excessive. Most of the time the other jerseys look like crap... like Edmonton's 3rd jersey with the oil drop.

I love the Lions third jersies

woulda been an awesome quebec-city 3rd uni.

I think the Al's third jersey is sweet!

So I'm the only one that thinks it looks horrible?

Als' jersey looks good. Now if they'd only get a better logo.

I don't care for it. It's plain and sort of reminds me of the Raiders.

The Argos will be unveiling a light blue jersey soon. It's a done deal.

Where's the proof?

I'd like to see the Riders come out with a retro jersey, love that old logo.

BTW, I like the Montreal jersey they wore tonight, too bad I can't say the same thing about the team on the field :frowning:

I picked Montreal to beat Winnipeg.

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