Montreal and Saskatchewan

Game on .

Ernest Jackson gives up on route. ::slight_smile:

Fumble . Then Jackson comes out of hibernation .

Thought that Sherman was wasting a challenge there but apparently not. Still it’s early to be pulling out the yellow hankies - especially if they can’t convert this into major points.

Pipkin in for the TD .

Wonders never cease as the larks score the TD - but poor Johnny is STILL looking for his first TD - running or passing!

Correct call but never seen that before - overturning a procedure penalty and applying offside

Apparently that's what the "eye in the sky" is supposed to do! Sometimes one wonders what they're looking at though. Riders need to be more disciplined.

Good to see Zach running with the ball again! :slight_smile:

If so no need for challenges if every play is suppose to be reviewed …

It's not reviewing every play (eye in the sky) but it is supposed to help officials determine penalties on the LOS (if that's what you're referring to). Other than that not every play is reviewed - just turnovers and scoring or potential scoring plays.
Seemed strange that the turnover (automatically reviewed) had to be challenged by Sherman for them to come up with the correct call.

Nice td for his first in the cfl

And Johnny scores his FIRST TD pass to Bowman. Bowman must have awoken from his L-O-N-G slumber! He’s been virtually invisible all season!

Looks like the larks again have the lead - if only by a hair!

It was! And it'll be shown ad nauseum on sports shows here and in the US for the next week! ::slight_smile:

Should fire up Zach though who HATES the larks and has never won a game against them - at least not when he was a Ticat - maybe didn't play them as an Argo backup.

Razzle Dazzle

Riders D going to give this one away with their DPI calls? Although that last one was maybe a bit questionable. I’m sure that they don’t want to lose to the larks - again!

Strange comment to make

2014 Eastern Final

Not even his only win against MTL

It was an impressive play. I was happy for the guy. Then I saw the stupid Money Fingers Salute. Thought he was leaving that garbage behind.

Love the Als uniform and helmets.

I agree, the Al’s uniforms are deadly. Funny now thinking about all their helmets all year, I would say the plain numbers look the best.