Montreal and another loss! Kevin Glenn is honking to pass!

Wow can they ever recover from this tail spin they are in. This team looks like it is not interested in playing. Can it be the lowly Bombers might take over 1 st place!

B.C. 48 , MONTREAL 13 at home.

THE DON , has never lost 4 games in a row as the coach of Montreal!

Until now.

I remember a few weeks ago the Als had a great home record. Not any more! Who was it that said not in our house! Well!
The glass man is injured again! Go figure!

It was a great game, and Pierce showed that he is (almost) a great quarterback.

The Leos deserved this win, defense, special teams, offence, they all did a great job.

Kudos to the Leos!!


Als are starting to look like BC last season.

If Bombers can win the east and get a home Eastern Conference Final + Grey Cup...this city will go crazy. And if a team can't win 2 home playoff games including the grey cup...they never will...Is it possible? Yes...Will we pull it off? Depends how we play this weekend.

Ya but that's still better than looking like the Bombers last year.

As it stands now, I'd give toronto the best shot at winning the east, especially with two games in a row against hamilton to continue their "hot streak" going.

yeah, can't say no to that, and they are looking better than the bombers 2 weeks ago.