Montreal: America's team

Lol...I'm not going to check, but I'm going to guess that Perez Hilton totally whiffed on it!

The Gay community is one of the most affluent and by far has the most disposable income. I have no doubts the Als will acquire new paying fans by signing Sam but that was not Jim Popp's goal. He is getting a very, very good rush end prospect who is unlikely to get his shot at the NFL. IF Sam can give the Als the production Anwar Stewart gave the Als for years this will work out just fine.

My concern is that he's being setup to fail. He's a college rookie and most of these guys take two to three seasons to become playmakers.

OK! I have to ask....Why?

Yes except Tebow won some playoff games as a starter and was in the running for a Heisman. I get the Tebow hype more than the Sam hype tho I agree both are known for something other than their play on the field.

Though I don't know if "gimmick" is the right word for it. :expressionless:

I still think Tebow would have been one heck of a CFL qb. Shame we couldn't see that.

Tebow WON a heisman...and they won the national championship..and he had a much more successful college career

What will also help . all the people on here bashing americans and the NFL ..once people see that the CFL is usually pretty quickly written off

And its not just on here i brought prople to IWS where they were subjected to non stop nfl and america bashing i felt so bad we left after first quarter

This is absolutely correct, though I'm not sure about the Viacom angle. In any case, lack of consistency is the biggest roadblock to viewer and revenue growth. I expect even small incremental improvements to consistency, such as we're seeing this year on ESPN/2, will show growth. Imagine what Friday Night Football on CBS for 5 years would do for the league. They just can't give up on it too soon in the beginning, which broadcast networks are prone to do.