Montreal: America's team

Certainly we would like to see more CFL exposure in the States. Well most of us anyway.
And we are seeing that occur now I think.
Montreal is the face of the CFL there now one suspects.

Trestman was huge news: Montreal
Chad Johnson was big news: Montreal
Michael Sam is huge news: Montreal
Calvillo's career got some play: Montreal

Now unfortunately Trestman was a failure there and probably will stop any further HC movement south and minimizes the CFL to some degree. Johnson was a failure. Sam is undecided.

But Montreal is America's team from the north. No other team gets a sniff.
Popp is shrewd in this I think. But not inappropriate. I do not think he sees this as his ticket to a GM job south. Trestman's demise sealed that probably. Success for Sam will be a major feather in his cap though. But Popp has put his team on the USA map. There are no American football fans unaware if the Als.

Just to point it out but Sam is not "huge news" down here fact its never any real news when players get cut and head to the cfl...most times its not even reported.

Trestman is also not a household name down here ..many fans and people i personally have spoken with just see him as another coach who didnt do well ....

It maybe because i am in the far south but cfl connections are not really known here the comments usually just end up being ..oh i think he played in canada somewhere

Perhaps. But I think the Michael Sam story is huge and will be reported and followed. Like it or not this is the first major athlete to declare his homosexuality in his prime. And it is an important story. It's certainly not just about football. Millions will want to now how he is doing and they will want to know because he is gay.

Like it or not, the man's a gimmick no different than Tim Tebow. People follow him for reasons not related to the sport of football.

I believe Hamilton got some traction down south with Delvin Breaux

dawg, this is why we need you on this site to keep us informed of what's really happening down there in the Bayou. Keep up the good work!

Lets wait one mnor3e season to see if trestman was a failure. Cutler has his best yr with trestman and their defence sucked. Now we will see if they are any better without him.

Oh jeesh earl i'm not in the bayou. :?
But i am far south and i do watch ALOT of news here

Micheal Sam is already old news here .. The people who were watching just because of the gay angle are already onto the newest story bruce jenner stole the wind out of sam's sail....

He may be all over the news up there but down here all he got was more or less an oh by the way m. sam has signed with the cfl.

Oh and Tebow had a WAY better ncaa career than Sam..means nothing

I doubt Trestman, Breaux, Sam, Ochocinco or whoever comes up here will make any impact on growing our game in the US. These occasional signings have been going on forever. Johnny Rogers, Theisman, Tom Cousineau, Rocket Ismael and I could keep going.

What will grow the CFL in the US is a good TV partner and regular, consistent broadcasting agreement. The path to the US market in my opinion goes through Viacom.

The thing though dawg is the cultural significance of Michael Sam being openly gay. This is much more than just football. And yes, I would expect Jenner with his name and the media attention he’s received over the years to be a more covered story. Just like Britney Spears was at one time as well or Justin Beiber. :wink:

Do we want the CFL to be more "notorious" ? CFL will win fan through its product and product presentation.

Um... no. And I live about an hour from Montreal.

Any US fan that gets into the CFL is going to lean towards one of the 8 Anglophone teams before they give the Als a sniff.

Unless they are simply following a specific player. Like me, with Troy Smith last year. :oops:

Just saying that how much a story is covered by mainstream media often doesn't translate to it's sociocultural impact. That's all. Bieber and Spears are perfect examples.

Count yourself lucky he gives me the #2 most of the time. 8)

Just doing a Google news search, I see his signing announced on TMZ, CNN, New York Daily News, Fox News, Perez Hilton, ABC News, ESPN, NBC Sports, Bleacher Report…and a couple more in England. So not just sports news, but “entertainment news”.

No one can expect you to have seen all of these and no doubt the degree of coverage is not on par with, say, the NBA playoffs, but there’s certainly a fair amount of it out there.

I wonder if those media you mention CRF covered the Babcock signing with as much detail and importance? :lol:

If you mean perfect examples of how media coverage has an enormous sociocultural impact, then, yes, I agree with you.

Earl - I think there is a thread about The Draft about three quarters of the way down the page on this CFL Board where you haven't yet made a post mentioning Babcock. I think that is the only one you missed posting about Babcock on. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Pop is just playing into the Canadian inferiority complex somewhat… If he can sell all 25000 seats, then it worked… I doubt that aside from Sam’s first few games that much attention will develop in the states… If the salary cap had gone up more (like it should have)and the Canadian dollar had not crashed, then this would be a much more common practice. The MLS has proven that washed up stars from foreign leagues do not increase TV ratings however. Whether or not, a bunch of washed out stars would garner actual US TV money, is debatable… We all know that US fans tune out the CFL once NFL season starts anyways.