All I heard and read all week was how the Als were done for. French and English media, newspapers, tv analysts, the whole bunch were writing off the Alouettes. One Montreal sports anchor went as far as saying he had already made reservations for his tickets at Canada Inns staidum in anticipation for a Montreal/Winnipeg East semi-final showdown. Now they're hosting the East Finals and all of the critics absolutely have to shut up.

Winning a game against the Argos on their homefield was the big shift in momentum that the Alouettes needed. They're one win away from going to the Grey Cup game and I can tell you NOTHING will stop them from not only winning that game but taking the Cup back to Montreal! They are going to start a Grey Cup Run similar to that of the 2000 B.C. Lions and the 2001 Stampeders; teams that had sub-par seasons but went all the way. It will happen. It's 100% sure now. For those who don't believe, well, you will all be proven wrong. Sorry B.C. Lions fans, you won't win it this year. It's definately not your year...again. 2006 will be remembered as another Alouette Grey Cup year!

This is your first post so when did you tell us so????????



Man, did I wait for a reason to celebrate lately.

Oh, by the way, my car was crushed by a cement truck last night. But right now, I feel GREAT ! Mighty birds will do that to you !


There's nothing to say they're gonna START a Grey Cup run ... the only team that looks hot coming out of the East right now MIGHT be the Bombers, and they'll be hard-pressed to beat BC. Montreal did lose to the Eskimos, and Toronto, IMO, could have given Montreal a heart attack by punting the ball on 3rd & 7 from their 20 with 1:20 to go, instead of going for it.

Montreal's not hot, Toronto's not hot ... by this time in 2001, Calgary was hot. I think this is BC's year, sadly :frowning:

Sorry to hear about your car, Third :frowning:

There is nothing to say they will start a run but nothing to say they wont either.

They looked good in the second half on this game..... I hope they can kep it up!

Don was fired and his players hated him. Why are they going to win it for him?

Just like the Riders will win it for Roy.....NOT. :thup:

The players did not hate him!
There will always be one or two that dont like the coach but the vast majority of the ALS like him!!!!

Montreal winning the cup without Matthews would be odd. In the eyes of western fans, Montreal seems to be the weakest opponent from the east. Any east team winning the cup would be a shocking upset.

What happened with the car???

I don't see how people say Winnipeg is hot. Aren't they getting hammered at this very moment by BC? I would say Toronto is the hottest team in the East before today. Toronto had won 8 of 10 last games.

I say Montreal picked up some momentum with today's win, and hopefully take advantage of the rest they got before the East Final vs Winnipeg or Toronto.

And, no matter what it looks like, how weak the East division is, I think that the Grey Cup is coming back to the East this year.

Are you watching the Winnipeg game or did you just check the score? Cause Glenn is out of the game…

B.C. is definitely the strongest team, but they've been playing nothing games for a while, coasting because nothing is at stake for them, and playing backups. That's usually not a good recipe for championship success. Very soon, they'll have to play a meaningful game: the west division final, against a hungry, confident team (likely Calgary). I'm not saying B.C. isn't the legitimate Cup favourite, but I question how mentally ready they'll be when they finally play a game that means something.

Back on topic, the Als hated Matthews? Um, right. Most of 'em loved the Don because he was a player's coach. As an Als fan, I'll miss him.

[quote="disciplineandpunish"]B.C. is definitely the strongest team, but theyHoping that BC wouldn't be mentally ready seems to be wishful thinking. No evidence of any slump in final weeks. Other teams look worse. Actually, BC is the hottest team now. Also BC tends to play well after bye weeks and can rise to the occasion.

BC also tends to lose the big games.

Every team has losted and won big games in the playoffs. Teams with multiple opportunities eventually win grey cups. In playoff history, BC as the favorite has won more often than not, and BC is overdue for another grey cup.

Keep in mind every team but one loses the big game!

BC last one in 2000 Hardly makes them "DUE"

Really? I direct your attention to the west division final last year, and the Grey Cup final the year before. They couldn’t get the job done and didn’t know how to respond when things didn’t go their way, because they’d been so used to rolling over teams the whole season. Hell, they should have lost the '04 division final by rights: if McCallum hadn’t shanked that chip shot, they wouldn’t even have made it to the Grey Cup.

Toronto doesn't look hot because they've lost their last two games, and their offence has disappeared. Montreal doesn't look hot because they got handled by deadmonton, had Toronto's help in beating the Argos (going for 3 & 7, from your own 22, down by 1 point with 1:20 to go in the 4th???), and are 2-8 in their last 10 games. Winnipeg beat Calgary, Montreal and Hamilton in their last 5 games (and lost to Montreal and BC). So, Winnipeg looks hottest out of the East, IMHO ...

Still, the hottest team right now, and definitely the team to beat, is BC ... they didn't collapse, they ended on a 2-game winning streak, they're due, and no one has quite been in their league this year. I really hope they choke, or Calgary pulls out an awesome upset in the West Final (if we beat Sask, that is), but I really think this is BC's year :frowning:

We can pretty much points reasons why all teams should lose or win their upcoming games. And that tells me the strenghts are about at par.


  • BC: They have the strongest record and came in the playoffs on a high note.

  • CGY: When the right Jekyll/Hide personally comes out on the field, Calgary can blow out anyone, speacially through the run.

  • SSK: Though defense, used to playing the playoffs on ennemy territory, usually comes up big in cruch time untill some unbelievable fùck-up happens.

  • MTL: Gets a week of rest while banged-up Eastern opponents must battle, is not intimidated by the big game for having played in it four times in the last 6 years.

  • TOR: Veteran experience playing against a team with injured QB, can go berserk when playing the Als in finals, and already outplayed a more talented BC squad for the Cup in 2004.

  • WPG: Is the Eastern team coming onto the playoffs through the lesser pathetic path.


  • BC: The strongest team hardly ever won the Grey Cup these past years. BC tends to be beaten by unexpected rivals. Should DD fall again, would Pierce sustain Grey Cup pressure?

  • CGY: Has been less than impressive lately; top aerial threat Jermaine Copeland has been a non-factor all year long. Jekyll/Hyde personality.

  • SSK: Saskatchewan just always find a way to take itself out. You know that a major fùck-up will happen just as they looked like they'd do it.

  • MTL: Never got in the playoffs this backward. Well, expect in 2001, and we all know how that ended up.

  • TOR: The offence has been less than impressive lately. Miles is out, Bruce is the only guy to stop to keep them stall.

  • WPG: Glenn might not play and if he does he won't be 100%. Roberts can't win the Grey Cup all by himself.