Montreal Als better than last year?

I remember during the pre season alot of us thought the Als we self destructing .

They let some good players go.

Their management said they figured they'd be better than last year.

I shook my head.
Guess what ,they are better than last years Grey Cup finalists!! :thup:

I'm impressed,especially with Calvillo and Cahoon,Wow!....Cahoon reaches out and grabs passes as good as Tommy Joe Coffey .

Cahoon has to be the best reciever ever!

They continue to have a strong recieving core even after losing a few stars ...

They are strong all over the field.

They are the franchise to model ourselves after still in 06! :cowboy:

cahoon better than tucker?....i dunno.

Edwards running game was impressive! :thup:

They certainly are a good model of success!

mostly the same personelle as last year. Cant see them or the Argos improving much more then where they are now. Its the Ticats who will strengthen in leaps and bounds

Most of the teams have improved, things are going to be very tough this year AGAIN.