Montreal Alouettes versus BC Lions

In the 27-26 victory by the BC Lions over the Montreal Alouettes this past weekend, the margin of victory was the failed two point conversion by the Alouettes after scoring with 50 seconds left in the game. If I were the Montreal coach, I would have kicked the convert. That's not hindsight is 20-20, but just my own version of common sense.
My question is what is the overtime rule in the CFL, or do games end up in a tie at the end of regulation time. In the NFL, they have a full quarter of overtime available, but the first score wins the game. They have a coin flip for the ball, and it does happen where the team who wins the flip (everyone who wins the coin flip ALWAYS takes the ball, and doesn't worry about the wind) goes down and scores, and the other team never gets its offense on the field in overtime. Remember, in the NFL they don't have the opportunity to score a single (rouge), so most games end in overtime on a field goal, and some end with a touchdown. One game on our Thanksgiving (November) in Detroit about 12 years ago, had the Detroit Lions kicking off to the Chicago Bears in overtime and the Bears returner ran the kick back for a touchdown, end of game.
I'd just like to know what the rule is for overtime in the CFL for regular season games, because with overtime in the NFL, only about 2-3 games a year end up in a tie anymore.

Overtime In Canada Is Done Properly, And Is A Shoot Out Overtime Similar To NCAA.

The Problem With The No Fun League's Way Of Doing It Is That What Useally Ends Up Happenning Is The Team That Wins The Coin Toss Runs The Ball 3-4 Yrads Per Down Half Way Down The Field Untill They're In Field Goal Range. It's Be Even Worse If We Did The Same Up Here. Imagin, The Recieving Team Would Only Need One First Down To Be Within Punting Range For A Guy Like Ryan Or Prefontain And With A Corner Kick The Game Would Be Over After A Few Downs.

As For The Don, He Made The Right Call. At Some Point He Had To Go For A Win, With Montreal Trying To Catch Up To Toronto 2 Points Are Much Needed. In The Old Rules Where A Team Would Get A Point For A Loss In Overtime It Makes Sense To Go For A Tie Then Try To Win The Game In Overtime (Unless It's Against A Division Rival) But Look At It This Way. Ties Aren't Wins. If Ottawa Ends The Season 8-8-2 It's Just As Good As 9 Win Yet Paopao Won't Be Keeping His Job.

Not the first time the DON has done this. Considering there was enough time left on the clock for BC to make a drive and kick a field goal, why not go for the victory?

The rule for ot in the CFL is basically a shoot out.
I scrimmage the ball on your 35 and say score a field goal. You then get the ball on my 35 and try the same. If you score a td you win. If you score a field goal we go again and if you fail to score I win

I love the current OT format, don't you?

I'm OK with it except that starting on the 35 is prretty much an auto field goal.
The start the first go around at the 55. If still tied they then go to the 45 and then the 35.

I'd say start from the 50 yards everytime, guarantee a least a single and maybe a FG. I'm ok with it as will, but maybe they can look into that.

The 50 wont guarantee a field goal or even a single which is why I like it. The offence must earn the win by moving the ball a good 20 yards to get into field goal range. However starting every time could take a while and maybe not even produce a winner because as it stand now there are only 2 tries

The way O'Mahoney was kicking...NOTHINg is Guaranteed out here!

The Problem With Starting Farther Back Is That The Second Team Can Win The Game With A Punt, Now That's Not Really Good Football

Ya thats a very good point but for overtime the single on punts could be removed. Then again it is not that difficult to run it out on a 55 yard punt and as for punting it out of bounds, See my post on penalizing out of bounds punts

Well The Other Way To Get Rid Of Being Able To Win On A Punt Is By Playing Two Rounds Of OT Shoot Out Anyways. That Way It Won’t Matter Unless Both Teams Score The Same On The First Drive And The First Team Doesn’t Score At All On The Second Drive.

in the playoffs, should be 5 minute quarters

I used to like that system except every time I saw it the team that started with the ball would eat up at least 4 minutes of the clock.

If I recall correctly, didn't OT use to be two 5 min halves, like a mini game?

Seems to be about a 50/50 split on the decision to go for 2 points, I am in your camp though USAspike6.... kick the convert and take your chances in OT rather than blow it all on one play.
The whole team is envolved that way Offense/Defense and last time i checked this was a team game :slight_smile:
And the way Mahoney is playing as pointed out by another poster... it puts added pressure on him if A field goal has to be attempted.