Montreal Alouettes sold (or sale approved by BOG anyways)

BOG has approved the sale, but the partnership is still completing their due diligence before signing the deal

The Quebec Alouettes? I like the idea of a new stadium and training facility!

Potentially good news, though a strange sequence of events IMO.

Generally a sale gets approved after the due diligence is done. I’d like to see how others are covering this and preferably a formal announcement before I get too excited.

I’m not a big fan of the potential name change to Quebec Alouettes. They just did the logo redesign.

Yes, hopefully good news for sure! As for the possible name change, not sure, but I don’t think it’s a bad move although most long-time CFL fans will continue to call the team the Montreal Alouettes I think.

Having it come out now that he wants an all Quebec staff (HC/GM) seems like a bad thing to let out of the bag…Good luck motivating the staff in place.

Selling 25% to the fans is interesting…but I am not entirely sure how I feel about it. I mean it is still not community owned. Are you cutting them some of the profits? Are they re-sellable? If they are resellable then do the Als not then have to become a publicly traded company? They would be well over the threshold of investors to dictate it.

I wonder who else is in this group, and whether that other 50% ownership stake is owned by one or several individuals.

The name change would effectively kill any hope of a Quebec City franchise ever entering the fold in the future and being Montreal’s most natural rival.

…am quite pleased (and shocked!) with the alleged plans for a new stadium and practice facility though.
This may be why the league went with the Guzzo Group rather than the Starke and Lapointe groups as a modern stadium/facility is a sweet carrot to dangle.

Doesn’t leave much time for the new owners to shake up the organization before the season commences yet it is still better late than never!

I think the fact that they have stayed pretty hush about it all probably carries a lot of weight in the professionalism around it all as well

I like the ownership group but not happy about the potential name change. :frowning:

Agree with you Mightygoose.

Absolutely no to the name change!

Comments like name change and Quebec only staff are red flags. Amateur hour. Remember Ottawa under the gilbermans? Calgary under the f troop?
Hope they not headed in that direction

Quebec only staff though I like, especially if it works out well of course.

As far as I know, there are 3 Quebecers with pro HC experience only 2 are still active and 1 with GM experience. That is a pretty small pool…

Agreed. Hopefully the comments of Quebecois GMs and head coaches are not set in stone.

I’d rather see the best candidates available come on board and being Quebecois is an asset.

Part of me wonders if Guzzo’s comments on Quebecois staff, Quebec Alouettes are simply a wish list and will be done only if practical.

Edit: it’s a wish list. No name change is being looked at

I presume the all Quebecois staff is not a must either.

Are red flags lowered now?

Makes sense why this has not been picked up by the mainstream media…at this time…

At the same time there’s been no denial by Mr. Guzzo or the league…also…at this time…

I can see him trying to get french speaking coaches. The Canadiens attempt to get a coach and/or captain when they can that is french so they can converse easier with Quebec’s french reporters, don’t they?

If he is on the dragons den, maybe he can present on the show to the other dragons on why they should invest in the either his team or the CFL.

A stadium and practice facility would be huge.
Glad he shot down the name change.

Fingers crossed.

Not a denial either

‘Winning support of purchase of franchise’ may be more accurate than ‘BOG approval’.

Radical thought, but just a thought is to relocate to Quebec City asap.

Would be a no brainer at a future time to award a new franchise to a Montreal based team.

Wish the best however it goes. I know Als fans have been through a lot.

Twitter is hardly long form journalism … and Tony Marinaro is as close to being a journalist as Kavis Reed is to being a RTEAL general manager.

Expect the Quebecois GM and coach “quote” is more a “yes, if we could find a qualified GM/Coach from Quebec that would be ideal” situation.