Montreal Alouettes Press Conference

I wandered over to the Montreal Alouettes' website to see what they are talking about leading up to this game . . .

I watched the Danny Maciocia interview . . . I did not understand a single word that he said. It was like he was speaking a different language.

At one point I thought he said something like, "Mike Moore est un poussée."
I have no idea what that means.

If you don't speak French, why would you have expected to understand him?


Mike Moore is a pussy. :smile:

Actually if you Google Translate the word poussee it says that it means "thrust"

Are you sure you were watching Danny Maciocia or French porn? :wink:


J'ai regardé l'interview de Danny Maciocia. . . Je n'ai pas compris un seul mot de ce qu'il a dit. C'était comme s'il parlait une autre langue.

Try Google translate :roll_eyes: