Montreal Alouettes on the verge of being sold?

Per Herb Zurkowsky

Rumors local and Quebecois investors are involved.

Robert W has been good to the league and this franchise but it’s taken a turn for the worse since Andrew took the helm so a change, especially local would be welcome.

I still question why the team would spend millions on a rebrand just to sell? Generally this is what incoming owners would do.

Let’s hope

Not sure how I feel about this.

Maybe the rebrand was part of the agreement for the sale. Also, probably wanted to get the merchandise out to the public as soon as possible. Just guessing, though.

We’ll see who the potential owner is . . . if it’s David Braley, look out.

You never know . :smiley:

But whoever it is they better have deep pockets to insure they don’t lose interest as soon as there is a dip in attendance ; you don’t want to hear they are instantly insolvent in one year .

It is being reported that there are 3 local groups interested, so it certainly won’t be Braley.

Ya gotta take everything that comes from Herb with a grain of salt

Maybe Braley moved there :smiley:

Thank God for small favours. 3 is certainly better than 1.


Article on TSN (de facto league voice IMO) on this matter

No comment from president Biovin, which is not a denial.

Ambroise says the Wettenals are part of the future…they would be until they’re sold.

TSN690 was talking about talking this morning that there were 2 local groups about a year agon inquiring.
Whether it is one of those two now is anyone’s guess.

Believe Didier Ormejuste from RDS is on this too.

Well they would be part of a future……………sale

A strong, local ownership group would be awesome.

And I was just kidding about Braley. . . . well, mostly kidding. :smiley:


Some rumours have linked former Als Etienne Boulay orÉricLapointe to possible ownership groups … whether they are involved in either of these I’ll speculate on two possible “owners”:

  • some rich friend(s) of Danny Maciocia; or
  • Montreal Canadiens

Team Maciocia brings an obvious immediate change of direction as he would be at least President if not GM or GM/HC.

Canadiens bring financial stability and at least an administrative change as all the non-football operations could be absorbed by the Habs organization.

From your post to God’s ears.

Selling of pro teams happens and hopefully for the good.
My question is for how much?
When will the value of an average CFL team, and not the money making machine like the Riders or possibly the Esks, increase to let’s say $25M?