Montreal Alouettes helmet signed by the players


I recently won a football helmet signed by the team players (Montreal Alouettes). Since I am not a football fan, I plan to sell the helmet. Anyone can give me an idea of the value of such a thing?



$5 and I'd like to place the first bid!! :cowboy :smiley: : :rockin:

I'll pay six..... :smiley:



Is it a official Alouettes helmet? Or a replica? If replica, the helmet value is worth $150. So, add $100 for the entire team autographs, i'd say to start the bid at $250.

But if its an official Alouettes helmet, up the price, but like I'm not sure by how much.

An Als' autographed helmet? Dang, y'all beat my bid of "half a buck!" :lol:

It's not a question of how much it's worth. It's more about how much you can get for it. That's where ebay comes in. I'd guess you might get $150+ if you're lucky. Maybe more, maybe less.

A friend of mine was given an Alouettes autographed helmet this past spring to be auctionned for a charity.

I believe it went for around 200$.

Marty is right though. It is not about how much that helmet is worth. It's whether you can gather any interest from those willing to pay for these things.

You could either:

  1. Put it up for sale on eBay and see what people can give you for it.

  2. Contact sports bars and see if they are willing to pay for such an item (as they always display all kind of sports memorabilia).

  3. Give it to a charity fundraiser, and feel good about yourself.

If you chose option #3, you could probably contact our fellow poster JareCanada who organize a lot of CFL-related fundraising activities to raise money for fight against cancer. He'd give you good tips on what to do with it.

Won a signed helmet by the team, isn’t that the L’Équipeur contest prize ?

It was actually a contest by Degree...

I think there are still prizes to be won. Mine was an instant win.

The helmet is a replica, and I don't know if all the team signed it, but there is a lot of signatures on it.

I might just wait until they win the Grey Cup to sell it... will they?

They could. They actually have 12.5% chances of winning it... just like all other seven teams.

I have a 1976 Montréal Olympics gold medal (I did not win it, one of my uncles found it...). I don't care about the Olympics but I love football. I'd be willing to trade it for your helmet.

I did some research today and the medal I have is a DUD. But, seeing the Als disintegrate tonight against Toronto; I'd rather keep my DUD medal. You keep that worthless helmet!

Well if anyone's interested, let me know via PM. Maybe it's not really a good time to sell considering the performance of the Alouettes lately...