Montreal Alouettes' fullback Christophe Normand charged with luring a minor



Innocent until proven guilty


Courts of law get it wrong, frequently, especially when it comes to anything pertaining to sexual assault, grooming, and rape. I believe women.


Based on what?
A jury of 12 is wrong....and you are right?
Women never lie?
Women are never mistaken?
A man should lose everything in life because of a pissed off woman?
Lock him up simply because she said so?
Don't say it never happens


I believe that charges are not convictions.
I'm less inclined to automatically believe the woman because of first hand experience and particularly since the "me too" movement.

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No man loses his life over false accusations. Statistically, that hardly happens at all. What is overwhelmingly and depressingly true is that a shockingly low number of cases result in a conviction, because of inherent biases in the system. Your twelve jurors can contain misogynists who will shame a woman for what she was wearing. The defense counsel will do their best to destroy the accuser's character on the stand. She will be likely re-traumatized by the whole legal experience. Women don't do this for fun or without reason.

You're a dude who doesn't understand the extent of sexual assault and abuse. Every time you do this "innocent until proven guilty" thing, you are proving to every woman you know that you are not a safe person. And if you don't think you know any women who have been the victims of sexual assault or abuse, you do know. But they clearly won't feel confident telling you.

Men's lives being ruined by false allegations is a fabrication. Look up the stats.

I believe women.

Don't bother to reply. You won't convince me otherwise. Read up on the subject before you speak. I deal with traumatized women in my job all the time. I'm not wasting further time and energy trying to explain this issue if you can't get past your own biases and kneejerk responses.


Excuse me? You are telling me not to reply? Who are you?
You post your garbage and tell me not to reply?
What are you going to do? Flag my post and demand it be deleted?

If you don't want me t reply, then keep your comments to yourself and dont reply to me


WOW that is the biggest pile of bull crap I ever heard
Ill ask again
Has it never happens that a woman has lied?
Has it never happened that a woman was simply wrong
Has it never happened that men were falsely convicted?
These men's lives were not ruined?
Have ever heard of Brian Banks?

Don't give me crap about happens
Innocent until proven guilty...and don't give me crap about the courts being wrong!


Normand will likely have his day in court to prove his innocence.

And any case that came before is irrelevant to this one.

I don't know if he is innocent or guilty.
But I do want to let posters know that I found the response to you was totally inappropriate imo , shocking, and I flagged it.

Any case in general? Or any case involving him?

Any case in general. He will have his own day in court.

There are not relevant to this case at all
They are relevant to the point of innocent until proven guilty

I agree by law he is innocent until proven guilty.

But my opinion, which I believe I am entitled to, even though it does not mean much in the big scheme of things, and won't send him to prison, is what he did was despicable.

I assume you mean "what he was alleged to have done".

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If ,as a society, we don't have laws we have nothing.

What is interesting here is there will be a electronic paper trail which should be relatively easy to follow.


Again, my opinion, which carries no weight, is he did it. If he is proven to be innocent I will acknowledge my opinion was wrong.

My opinion has nothing to do with the letter of the law of "innocent until proven guilty", which I believe in.

And what's your opinion based on?

Was it your opinion that Daryl Katz was guilty too?

Was your opinion that Epstein& Weinstein were innocent?

Was your opinion that Brian Banks was guilty?
How about the 375 convictions that project innocents has had overturned?(21 on death row)