Montreal Alouettes at Edmonton Eskimos, Oct. 5, 3:30 pm et

Sat October 5
Montreal at Edmonton
3:30 pm et/12:30 pm pt

More on Montreal city infrastructure issues at ... 48591.html .

The Edmonton curling scene is featured at .

Regarding the contest between Les Alouettes de Montreal and the Edmonton Eskimos Football Club, I will post a preview link in a bit.

Oski Wee Wee,


LARKS vs IGLOOS..........For those confused.........LARKS=ALOUETTES...........IGLOOS=ESKIMOS

It appears that whatever gets built in Montreal, the mafia or other crooks are involved- sinkhole, bridges, the Big O. Lets hope the present commission examining illegal financing for these monuments will , identified and jailed . There are most likely many crooks involved in this. Perhaps the Big Owe might function as a jail for these guys?

Its too small.
You probably missed the part where the mob took over public funded daycares...

You can't make this shiat up....

Much better.

Thank you! :thup:

Edmonton looks real bad and Montreal looks real good

Lets hope it is EE making Montreal look good, and not that they have improved that much.

Excellent catch by Brrruuuce for the TD

Got that right!! Igloos frozen in place and the Larks flying! :expressionless: Was hoping the Esks could shut down the Larks! :frowning:

Esks have picked up 3 TDs late in the fourth (garbage time!) although was resulted from an Als turnover (Smith picked off)

Another pick by the Als - I think that makes about 5 this game - 3 off Reilly and 2 off Crompton! :roll: