Montreal Alouette Supporters Are A Bunch Of .......... back in 2008 who I am sure got a real treat from this half time show.

:lol: :lol: :lol: to those thinking I was going to say something low and rotten ( eh Johnny )

I just saw this on Youtube. Not sure what happened , but when I went to upload it here, I just got that little circle going round and round.

Sorry, but not just Als fans but perhaps any CFL fan would enjoy this.
2008 half time show featuring Als cheerleaders from the 50's to 2008.

2 versions.

I do not speak, understand or read french but:

Mi-temps des anciennes cheerleaders 2008 cheer alumni half-time show

( from field level great quality )


Montreal Alouette cheerleader Alumni Performance

( from the stands not as good )

It is dated, but I though some fun would be nice with all the heated issues we have gone through this week.

It is a fun video to watch the girls from the 70's and 80's bust some moves. They still got it.
The gals from the 50's and 60's, well nature is nature.
Regardless, I am sure it was a fun special moment for them and the fans.


You rascal :smiley:

When Johnny saw your thread title, he was on course to gas up his Camaro, pick up cousin Alphonse and drive down to Calgary to pay you a visit. You almost got a bunch of paysans from St-Leonard angry!

But, great post! Johnny remembers that day. It was awesome! :thup: Back in the 60s, the baton twirlers were called "majorettes". That was a genius of an idea by the Alouettes! [/i]

Maybe not. But, if you came to Montreal during the summer, you would certainly look at it!