Montreal Al Elijah Thurmon--- possibly a ticat?

from todays Montreal Gazette

"Thurmon caught 67 passes for 926 yards in 2007, but there probably won't be room for him on the roster when he returns to health. He might end up being released. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats, desperately seeking receivers, certainly hope so. They signed former Alouette O'Neil Wilson last week, following his release by Winnipeg." :cowboy:

"desperately" ??

I think we are okay

i tend to agree about our status quo ..

i think the Blue Team is far more desperate for receivers as are the Green Riders..

(gosh lots of colours in football eh?)

but than what do you expect from the Gazette...?

If Obie could sign him at a Armstead-esque discount price, why not?

Then finally jetison Walker.

I never thought I would say this but I really dont think we need him if the opportunity to get him comes about. I think we are fine with who we have!! Bringing in some one new like thurmon would mean sitting someone like mitchell or cohen and these are two young receivers who are showing lots or promise and I wouldnt want to stunt their growth! Where we are now is where we want to be if we want the future to be bright!

Trust me....sign him if you can....he is as good as Miles and better than anyone else on the roster. wish we could keep him but unexpectedly, we are stacked...Desriveaux has looked like a second coming of Cahoon, and Richardson seems to be a stud. Even at this point, armstead is only getting in part time.

Grab him Obie

Please tell me you're not serious. The ticats have worse receiving corps than both the Bombers or Riders. Unless you were talking about the Argos, in which case I agree.

we shall see who has the better receivers...because always remember you cant catch what you cant throw..

and right now my priarie friend..

youre guys cant throw..

Two Things. You can't say that we have worse receivers than you because of a QB problem.

Secondly, how do you know how Durant will do? This will be the first week he'll actually to prepare to be starter. Last week, he was getting third string reps.

My Comparison:

Fantuz=Miles(close one)
Mitchell>whoever we put in there this week.

OK all this has to stop. WE DON'T NEED TO AIRJET PEOPLE IN. This is the Ticats of old coming out again. We need to break this cycle. In week 2, our team showed how much talent is truly on this team.
The only time to bring people in is when we have injuries.

IMHO, it's too early to tell with Cohen. It's only his third week. He's caught every ball that's come his way. We just need to throw to him more.

We don't use that word around these parts partner, THEY would be known as that Blue team, since your new to our home we'll not bring in the lynch mob for your error in judgement

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How can you say no to a (almost) 1,000 yard receiver? And he did it just last year. Too many fans are seeing the Cats with yellow and gold glasses. Except for a couple of guys, this receiving corps is still largely unproven, unlike Thurmon who has shown his worth. I'm not a fan of airlifts ("bring this guy in, bring that guy in") but Thurmon can play and would be an upgrade on a couple of the Americans who are there now.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) You are dead on right "barneyfife" !!!!
 You have to at least have a look at Thurmon if he becomes available !!!  He is a proven commodity !!

Thurmon is currently on Montreal's 9 game injured list. He's not going anywhere for now

i actually like the idea of signing Thurmon, you could make Cohen a backup, move miles from the SB to WR and put Thurmom at SB

then you would have: Miles Thurmon Mitchell Woodcock as our starting recieving core.

sounds a little better than: Cohen Miles Mitchell Woodcock


If he is on the 9 Game then
He will be paid by Al's
It won't cost them anything off the Cap.
So He won't leave.
Unless the Pull a Trade
We Seem Happy with our Young Kids at WR
So a Trade Won't be Hamilton.

I Find this Hard to Fantom
he is on the 9 game for What Kind Injury?

Cohen, Shmohen. He has zero experience in this league.

If you can get Thurmon, you get him.

There is only one question to ask. WIll acquiring player X help the team?

In this case, most definately YES.

Our depth at the receier position is lacking. We're relying on too many rookies.

Sure take a look at him. One player isn't an airlift and it doesn't mean that he will come in and take over a starting job. Most likely he will watch for a couple weeks and see spot duty. If he proves that he knows the offense and is showing well in practice then put him into the game.

It's so hard to judge how good our receiving corps is or isn't because we hardly ever throw the ball. 20 passes per game is very stingy, so if you spread the ball around which Casey has been doing, every body sees about three balls per game. Could Cohen be a breakout receiver that we're told he could be? Who knows.

I'd say take a look at him, the coaches will know in practice how he really stacks up. If he doesn't work out, axe him.