Montreal afraid of B.C?

"They're shaking in their boots," Hunt told the Vancouver Province. "It felt like they realize they got away with one. They better hope we don't play them again. Because if we play them again, they're going to choke. No doubt about it. That game should let everyone know they're not invincible."

Pretty interesting. Coming off a game where his own team choked.

If a crossover happened today, they'd be playing Hamilton, and they should be worried about #14.

I understand trash talk is a part of the game, but when you're sitting in last place in the division, and saying the top team is afraid of you, I am always leaved puzzled. It might just be me though.

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I get where Hunt is coming from, if it weren't for the one play at the end where Watkins was left wide open because Banks missed his assignment, the Als would have lost, and been embarrassed twice within a week by the weakest team in the West, not the league, Toronto & Winnipeg enjoy the position of bottom of the league.

And if the refs hadn't screwed up in B.C., maybe the Als would've taken game 1. Lotta ifs, but only one thing matters... the W.

As opposed to winning a game at home because of horrendously botched officiating taking the game tying touchdown off the board? The als won this game cleanly and I find it almost laughable that someone from a 4-6 team that just lost while blowing a late game lead would say that the 8-2 that just beat them is afraid of them

Weak. Why do BC fans feel like they dominated this game? Newsflash....leading by less than a TD with less than 4 minutes to play does not equal a dominating performance. It equals a close game that either team could win. As so often happens in the CFL, the last team to score wins the game.

Pass the sour grapes, please.

Maybe he's just trying to market next years LD double header early-lol....should have said something before the last game the two teams played.There is just no excitement to these teams playing each other compared to the other series during LD weekend....I'm thinking something like the "shaking in ur boots bowl" or maybe the "1st annual scaredy cat caper pet bowl sponsered by IAMS championship LD classic game" :wink:

I'm hopeing he meant if they meet up in the GC game this year they should be worried,cause if he's talking about the Eastern final,all he is saying is we have a 4th place team that needs to rely on a crossover berth,then win a playoff game on the road to get to Montreal,nothing to brag about-lol

Like I said,he should have said something before the game to get fans going,the series is over,so I really dont care now.Now if he would have said "I guarantee we will beat Montreal" just before a playoff game,well that would give the fans something to talk about.

Big words for a team that needed the refs help in game 1, and lost game 2 cleanly.

There is some merit in Hunt's confident words. In the playoffs, Montreal may have more difficulty against BC instead of any eastern opponent. Historically, Montreal has never defeated BC in the playoffs. In recent 2 games, big BC underdog exceeded expectations and was almost one minute away from beating Montreal in both games. That doesn't suggest other teams could be as successful in regular season because Montreal is still the best team in CFL. As for complaints about officials, they are overrated in their effect on games because teams mostly determine outcomes. There is some parity in the west and just a few points separate last from first. If all 4 favourites win in week 12, there might be three teams tied with 5-6 record.

1998 Eastern semi-final…the now famous U2 game.

Yes, BC did exceed expectations but as far as beating Montreal in both games, they were also a referee’s call from potentially losing both games as other have pointed out.

I’ll give you this though…Montreal’s record is better than their on-field playing would suggest. Especially in the most recent games.

To trash-talk a team you just lost to is sad. My Als haven't played their best football in recent weeks. I doubt anyone would dispute that. But Hunt should really take a look in the mirror before spouting any more nonsense like that. The officials gave his team the game in B.C. and here he is talking smack AFTER we beat the Lions fair and square? Bah.

Who said anything about dominating? Newsflash, that word was not used, not once. It was a close game, and one blown coverage in the end lost it for us. Of course, we had the dropsies in the first half as well, two of which could have gone for TD's. Now, if those two passes had not been dropped, things may have turned out quite differently...and THAT is why I understand where Hunt is coming from. He knows quite well that three or four mistakes in the game cost the Lions the win, no one can dispute that, and what he is saying is that even though the Als are the top of the league right now, it doesn't mean they are unbeatable, and that the Lions, the supposed worst team in the West, proved that.

BTW, even if that TD had counted, it still would NOT have guaranteed a tie, and a tie would not have guaranteed a win for the Als.

So, even though the Lions lost on Sunday, does not mean that they are as weak as some of you would like to believe. I do realize however, that most of this Lion hating is simply due to the fact that the Leos have been the class of the league for the last 5 years. No different than the early 80's when the Eskimos were the class of the league, and all the hate that was directed towards them.

I'm not so sure Montreal is afraid of the Lions, I think nervous about playing them is a better term. At any rate, B.C. could not stop the Al's late in the game when they had to, so hats off to Montreal. If B.C. should cross over, they would likely play Hamilton, and I don't think they would allow Cobb to run all over them again. Assuming the Lion's when the semi, it would be a very interesting and entertaining Eastern Final against Montreal.