Montréal à Winnipeg

Le quart Drew Willy pratique avec ses coéquipiers et devrait certainement jouer vendredi.

Des nouvelles de Bear Woods? Blessé? Tout est tranquille.

Avec Willy, il est certain que Winnipeg a de meilleures chances de gagner.


Willy coming back really changes what Winnipeg can do offensively. We'll have to be tight and assignment-sharp against the Bombers, in their own stadium, if we want to have a chance of pulling off a win. It will be more difficult if Woods is out and we have to start a rookie at MLB.

Selon RDS, Bear Woods-blessure épaule- Alan-Michael Cash-commotion cérébrale- n'ont pas participé à l'entraînement de lundi. Philip Blake-main- est également blessé.

Pas trop de bonnes nouvelles.


Yikes. Didn't realize Cash and Blake were also banged up. If Cash can't go, I guess we'll get to see whether Irvin, Klassen, and Joseph are good enough as a three-man rotation inside. Piotrowski will replace Blake and Ruby will be transferred from the 1-game injured list.

The guy was out cold and spent the rest of the game sitting in the dark and he's practicing a couple days later.
And players blame the league...

If Kyries Hebert is healthy, we could use him at WILL and shift Venable inside; I think Venable could handle the middle. Or maybe slide Brouillette up to a LB spot and start Edem at safety. . .

All good options, though I doubt Thorpe will take Brouillette out of the safety spot to start Edem, who seems to have fallen out of favor. Most likely one of the first two scenarios you outlined will happen.

Ill suggest a 3rd possibility, ex-Michigan State MLB Kyler Elsworth. Hes been on practice roster since beginning of last season so team must see something in him.

Kyries Hebert ne pourra pas jouer. Arrivant de la liste des blessé pour 6 parties, il doit pratiquer au moins une semaine avant d'être inséré dans l'alignement.

Lors de la dernière partie, le remplaçant de Blake a été le mystérieux # 60. Il n'y avait aucun nom écrit dans son dossard.

Klassen a bien fait contre les Stampeders.

Je me confonds en conjectures, mais si les Alouettes ont pu vaincre les Stampeders avec un quart recrue à moitié préparé, il ne leur est pas impossible de vaincre les Bou! Bombers même à domicile.

As per today's CFL transactions, Nat WR Mikhail Davidson has been released from practice roster and added to practice roster. I imagine that player(s) on 1 game injured list are ready to return. Andrew Lue? Chris Ackie? James Tuck?

As Sheldon wrote, I expect Int. LB Kyler Elsworth to replace Bear Woods or it could be Darrin Kitchens if Int. DE Markell Carter is ready to return.


Je ne comprends pas pourquoi personne ne verrait Nicolas Boulay à la place de Woods. Lorsqu'il a remplacé Venable l'an dernier contre Toronto, il a été excellent et il est derrière Woods dans la charte des positions. À la limite, on peut mettre Venable au milieu et confier son poste à Boulay.

Je suis loin d'être convaincu que Shortill est vraiment prêt pour un rôle important comme celui-là. Rappelons-nous les débuts de Woods en 2011...

I'd imagine that Kitchens is next man up to replace Woods, since he has actually dressed for games so far (not sure if Elsworth has?). As for Markell Carter, I'm anxious to see how he performs. According to the coaches, Carter is the reason we cut both Brikowski and Baker, and he apparently had an outstanding camp.

Quite surprising, given how bad he looked after the hit.

This from ... GEMENT.pdf

If a player leaves a game with concussion symptoms, he must be symptom free for a sustained period of time and medically cleared before returning to game action. The exact amount of time varies depending on the individual’s circumstances.

So much for a sustained period of time....

Time to call back Khalif Mitchell! If Cash is gone for a few games, we need a proven tackle to replace him.

On en a un. Il s'appelle Michael Klassen. Et il ne fera pas de conneries embarassantes.

He was symptom free during the rest of the TI CAT game. The Medical staff decided to keep him out for the rest of the game, anyhow. The concussion protocol would not apply in this case. Unless you guys have a different medical report ?

Check back with us in 20 years when Willy has trouble remembering his kids` names.

Yes, Willy passed all his concussion protocols, but man, it is worrisome to see him not even miss one practice after the hit he took. I hope, for his sake, that he is 100% and the team isn't rushing him back because they're worried about not being able to win with the backups.

I agree , the hit looked bad. At the end of the day it's his choice and hopefully the Bombers can keep him upright ?

A little off-topic, but speaking of concussions, Shea Emry was put on the 6-game by Sask. for a "neck injury" he suffered in Game 1 against Wpg. Hate to sound cynical but that was a head not neck injury.

Not sure how many concussions that is now for Shea, who does an admirable job as a spokesman for mens mental well being, but its been a few.