Montreal a bunch of SAD SACKS!!


Gosh- the Als have not looked this down in the last ten years. What is up in la belle province.?? Is the DON taking the team to pubs on St. Catherines street after practices. Even Ben Cahoon looks half-spirited. The Als offensive line would have trouble blocking the girls powder puff football team from Our Lady of Mercy catholic school!!!!!!! Chic Alor!!???

Riders Rule
Als Drool!! :? :cowboy:

I think one of the problems the Al's have is the time change. Matthews should have brought them out on Wed, given them time to adjust to the 3 hour time difference. It's tough to play a game when your body is telling you it's midnight or 1 AM.

...and in Calvillos case 5 in the morning....just kidding...he's not that old and i wouldn't cry if he was wearing BlueandGold.... :thup:

Good point. I wonder what the Lions Win Loss record is the last few years against Eastern Time zone teams?

Almost 36,000 fans, good to hear it noisy at BC Place this year!

I love it when posters knock teams that have a better record than their team :wink:

IMO, the Als arent a very good team, they benefitted from a soft sked to start the year. Now that they are playing better teams, they are being beat soundly, the last one being a 36-20 loss to the Lions. At this rate, they could finish 9-9.

Don't worry ro1313, I think the "Don" still has a few tricks in his bag. Maybe a trade at the deadline, maybe some secret NFL cuts.

Look at the brightside, you should get out of your slide this week. If you lose to Winnipeg, then I'd start getting worried!

...The way both of these clubs are playing looks like neither of them want to advance....Bombers have sprung a few leaks of late....and the Als....are taking on water....Both clubs need to make some moves personell wise...(as a little side note and watching 78% Kari-Kari get it taken to him by the Lions receivers....i.m glad the Als came up with the other 22% and kept him) We actually need dbs. who can stop the passing attack... :lol: :lol:

You probably don't remember 2001... that was "down" in the extreme... there is still hope with Winnipeg being the next opponent and self destructing as well. If the Als lose to the Bombers however, I fear that the downer which will result will be enough to deflate the Als for this year...

As for Ben Cahoon, maybe his newborn is keeping him awake at night! :slight_smile:

you can add to that even more time to that since their flight was apparently delayed for an additional 3 hours due to a security breach at Vancouver airport... not fun!


WHEN the Als get to the Grey Cup, they'll be the underdogs :smiley: :rockin:

My bottom line is and always has been.....If the Als win lose or draw, I still gotta go to work the next morning

They're in a bad losing skid, but I haven't lost faith in my Als yet. Everyone wrote us off last year and we came within a hair of winning the Grey Cup. This year, we've got better talent in every area except receiver so there's no reason why this group can't start winning again. Right now, mental mistakes and lack of execution are killing us. We run a great trick play but Chip Cox can't hang onto the ball even though it's thrown right into the numbers. We get the other team in second and long but get beaten on a long TD because of a coverage screwup in our secondary. That's frustrating, but I still think we can turn the corner. I do believe that Lambert and Fritz should go back in -- you simply can't tinker with an O-line wholesale at this stage in the season, and 12 sacks isn't any reason to keep the newbies in the mix.

The pass to Chip Cox was more of an over the shoulder type catch (if I remember correctly) but hey… he’s a DB - they’re not that good at catching the ball! :wink:

I’m sure that the are better qualified special team players who are better trained at catching passes, like a Shaun Diner. Nevertheless, it was a great play call and Stala’s passing ability may be worth looking at/using in a future offensive trick play. If A.C. can come up with some new and creative play calls for the offense as it the case with special teams, there will be some sunshine breaking through the last 6 weeks of clouds!

I do hope to see Lambert back in the mix but Fritz worries me. He’s been beaten far too many times and takes too many penalities although he has shown signs of improvement.

I do agree however that tinkering with the O-Line (any o-line) is never a great thing to do. They are a close knit group that need to be in sync with each other before they can sync with the rest of the offense. I still feel that establishing a running game will help give them back that edge. They need to attack, to dominate and to go on the offensive to regain their confidence and attitude instead of constantly being in protect mode. When that happens, Cavillo will likely get a steamboat or two more to find a receiver.

Problem is, when he does get the steamboat, receivers aren't getting open enough. Anderson, Stala, and Girard have been miserably subpar this year. Watkins is starting to improve, but until our whole receiving corps steps up, opposing defences are going to key on Ben Cahoon all day long to shut us down.

See blitz66, my master plan worked! :wink: :wink: I knew that if I left my pacemaker in a brown paperbag on the bench at the airport, I could slow things down! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

I agree... although I don't know if they are sub-par as much as they are still inexperienced and have yet to attain the ability to find the openings when their regular route has been shut down. That is why I was shocked and disappointed when Popp traded away Terry Vaughn for a future draft pick - he was consistent and, like Cahoon, was able to find the openings. When both Vaughn and Cahoon were on the field, much of the DB coverage/attention gravitated towards them and that is why I believe Stala was able to pull off 100 yeards last year. He was open more often because of the attention that Vaughn and Cahoon commanded. I believe that also helped Watkins game considerably.

We need another Terry Vaughn type receiver to help free up the younger guys (and allow them to develop the skills) as well as ease the coverage on Cahoon somewhat. Thyron Anderson is not the answer. Maybe Hamilton will send him back for Nealon Greene... heck, throw Anderson in the deal for good measure!

it's too bad that the Als couldn't find that pacemaker... they could have used it! :oops:

They traded Vaughn for salary-cap reasons, not because they were unhappy with him. I'd give a lot to have Terry Vaughn back on the team right now. Great possession receiver, terrific at piling up yards after catch, a seasoned veteran. I'll take him over Thyron Anderson anyday.

I don't doubt that salary was a factor although I'm sure that they could have made it work. Keep Vaughn, dump Anderson. Keep one experienced backup QB instead of 2 (perhaps obtain Brady and not Greene or vice versa). I'm sure the Als either broke even or saved a little by taking Sanchez and his big pay check in exchange for the comination of Durden and Rob Brown.

My gut feeling is that the Als felt that they had all of the talent at receiver that they required (including up and coming ones) without taking into account how the presence of Vaughn and Cahoon opened the door for everyone else - such as Watkins and Stala - just as the combo of Cahoon and Copleand did the same years ago, allowing Cavil and Anderson to thrive. Ironically, look at Anderson and Stala today (and throw Cavil in there for good measure).

I'm still sad...