Montreal +6

I also thought that was awesome. A true team player.

is it really that hard to understand?

Now that would be sweet!

It appears for some it is.


I never noticed the “Purolator” yeesh, cut me some slack :slight_smile:

Theres still 32 points for the Als to gain in the season :thup:

Ah yes Mr. Knowledge! Missed it! But that is okay!

ummm i hope u r not saying that dirty sanchez is not a dirty player cus then u would either be lyeing or just stupid but when u said that milt could not catch much try catching a football with a freakin mexican on ur back!

I’m sorry, but is there anything more ridiculous than one poster calling another stupid when his post is riddled with spelling errors? :lol:

Milt wasnt coverd by dirty sanchez red, he was coverd by that rookie, cant remember his name, but he did a darnm good job on arguably the best of all time... looks like the als have a keeper in that one! i was really impressed

Wasn't it Drew covering Stegall?

i cant remember his name, but that does sound like it

yes and he got 2 PI penalties