Montreal +6

I like Montreal +6 tonight.

Good luck guys.

...guess you picked the wrong team..... :roll:

:lol: :lol: Stegal did not get 138! Sanchez was in his back pocket all night. So much for Stegal night.

dirty sanchez

Yes he should not tackle Stegal that is just plain dirty! It could have been dirty had he not hit him in the mid section and gone high .But hitting in the hip area is that now dirty! Wow just maybe we should eliminate tackling.

Ya, Milt didn't get it due to being cheap shot'd + interfered with. But good I want him to get it next friday another sell-out!!!

Interfered with was there a penalty (NO). Cheap shot a hit to the mid section is now a cheap shot hmmm read above. Milt was ticked because he could not catch much in was frustrated by Sanchez being in his pocket all night. The only interference was the one in the end zone where the Als were called. But if that was a cheap shot by Sanchez then wow you have no idea do you.

No it wasn't that it was cause it was Lower than it should have been cuz i dunno if u recall but in probably 2000 Robert Gordon went up like that and some 1 took his legs out he flipped and landed on his head and was down for quite some time thats why people were angry about that. and when winnipeg takes some1's legs out every1 else says its Dirty look last year we apparently talked AC too low when sacking him but w/e.

He hit him in the hip! How is that dirty? Are they playing tackle football or flag football?

geez, someone doesn't know what a dirty sanchez is...

take it easy bud, it was a joke...

there was the second PI call when Edwards thought it was on the guy covering him but it was on Drew covering Stegall.

What's with the Calvillo signature BlueBombers?

i wanted to pick winnipeg by maybe its good proline wouldnt let me

winnipeg by 9.


.....maybe Milt had a flashback....of a play a couple of yrs. ago ....when Santchez hit him and gave him a concussion when the game was essentially over....Players seem to remember things like that...i know i would....usually Milt has a good reason when he gets annoyed.... :wink:

awesome avy BB, AC is feeding the hungry.

+6, no, but +3, the number of points now up on the Als in the East :wink:

Regardless to me it looked like he was frustrated by the coverage and needed to work of his anger. So much for Milty night in Winnipeg! :roll:

....Milts night really is every night.....and it'll be just an extra special one when he nails the record.... :thup: :lol:

...made even better that he didn't get it last night by the fact that the Esks are in town next weekend...hopefully he can torch one against them for the record-breaker, if only to see the look on Tink's face when it happens....

...I liked his final words near the end of the game when the camera got up in his grille and he just smiled and said 'it's all about the win, it's all about the win'....

The thing that everyone should pay attention to is that the Blue won without Milt having to score. The coverage on him gives Kevin one on one cover for the rest of his passcatchers and I think we can see that should scare anyone who plays them.
Milt will get the record, and now has a shot at what he REALLY wants: The Grey Cup! Go BLUE!!