Montreal 31 Hamilton 21

Alright, Another season started finally!!!!!!!!
The Als were not at there sharpest but played well, deserved the win, the defense didn't give up a TD, Hamilton had a couple of big plays to make the score look closer than the game was. Vaugn and Cavil will be back soon too, the Als are on there way again! Ezra Landry is exciting. Dave Stala is going to be a great one, all the Als receivers say he has the best hands on the team.

I thougth we had it in the bag for a while but a couple of bad plays and Hamilton was right back in it.

That was Mtl 9th straight season opener win.

How did Cahoon play? His #'s please as he is on my fantasy team.

8 passes for 75 yards was the last post on the tube

thanks ro1313.


Who is DAVE STELA............? :shock:

good game at the end........... :smiley:

another sell out................. :smiley:

AND very FEW penilties.........good REFFING!

Stala had a great game but that fumble at the end showed he's still got a lot to learn. With less than three minutes left he should have been protecting the football, not trying to eke out more yardage. He is going to be a go-to guy once he fully matures, and he's a nice big inside target for A.C.

I thought K.J. and the linebackers had a tremendous game. They consistently stopped the run all night.

Malveaux was very sharp at corner. James Whitley is still a work in progress. Can't wait until Curry is ready to play.

Tim Gilligan may have played himself off the roster. Not a good night for him. That INT was his fault; he was too concerned with getting hit and not focusing on the ball.

Kerry Watkins has a future with this team. Great speed, and a nifty TD catch.

As usual, hard to choose between the running backs. Both Lewis and Lapointe had solid games.

I think this may be Sylvain Girard's breakout year. He really showed grit and determination on his TD.

I look forward to seeing Vilimek get the ball more.

Duval had better not miss anymore easy field goals or they may be calling Duncan back.

Less total penalties than usual, which is a good sign. Go Als go!

I agree with pretty much everything you said d&p next week we should have a completely different roster with cavil, vaughn, and curry back in the lineup. I was also really impressed with ed phillions play he was in the backfield all game nix and brown are really helping take the pressure off him

“Another Sell out…”

Well no kidding! All 20000 of you!

Dave Stala is in his second year although didn't play much last year, he's being called a bigger Ben Cahoon with great hands.

I had the pleasure to watch Stala play in University for St.Marys, He also helped coach my provincial football team in Nova Scotia, He is a top rate player on and off the field, he is truely one of the CFL's rising stars!

are you sure? Canadian [roster help]......and lead all MONTREAL recievers, with 100 yards recieving.... :smiley:

And BEN CAHOON broke a MONTREAL team record , with 8 passes caught.

Who ever said that Canadians can't play football. :wink:

Thanks to ALL here , for your info about STALA.......ST. MARY'S , EH?......COOL!

HAMILTON .........was missing catching great........... ARCHIE AMERSON [sp]

Discipline andPunish said it all...

I liked the way AC adjust and went for more running plays.

The 1st McMannus int, look like Flick stop to run...

I liked the way the Als aknowledge Pringle, by letting him make his entrance on the field as a player, he went in the pre-game huddle, and made a speech to the players, that was nice !

A victory is a victory, and this year every team should be happy with the ones they get because it might be a race to the end for plaoffs spots in both divisions.

However, I was not really impressed by my Als. Sure, a lot of guys looked sharp, but a lot of mistakes happened and coordination wasn't totally there. How many times did Calvillo overthrow his receivers? It's not like him.

I don't mean to be insulting to the Ticats, but I was definately glad we weren't playing Edmonton or BC. We better get things together fast because the Eskimos are in town in two weeks, and we certainly won't win against them if we play like we did yesterday...

Disciplinedandpunished, Tim Gilligan definately got himself off the roster for a while: his shoulder injury will keep him off the field for 6 weeks.

OK, Montreal now has 3 points on my standings.

Al's did not look sharp.....if they were playing a team with a QB. they'd be 0 and 1. Gilligan is still looking for the truck that him (Cox)....a heavy-duty welcoming to the real world of the CFL. Kick returns stand out as the HI-LITES. :!:

Thirdandten, I get what you're saying, but keep in mind that it's the first game of the year. Offenses are always slower to get going than defenses. Remember the horrible start to the opener we played against Calgary in 2003? Calvillo got sacked eight times and we only won by one point because we stuffed Lawrence Philips on the goal line. We didn't score a single touchdown; Kellett scored all our points for us. Yet we recovered and went to the Grey Cup final that year.

So be patient with the offense. It will come around. If Vaughn and Cavil had been in that game, it wouldn't even have been close. We had receivers dropping passes and fumbling the whole game and Gilligan, frankly, looked terrible out there. With our A-team on the field, the Als will be much different.

And don't forget: every team goes through this phase at the start of the season. Edmonton is no different, with a starting quarterback who hasn't played a meaningful pro football game since 2003 and no proven running back to replace Pringle. I think we'll be fine.

[quote="disciplineandpunish"] Gilligan, frankly, looked terrible out there. .

I agree completely. He dropped a few easy balls. I know I'm not the one to talk, Im not the one playing out there with the big boys. But honestly, I was not impressed at all with Gilligan.

Also, I wasnt impressed with our Pass Coverage and Pass Rush. At times, McManus had ALL day to throw, and DBs and Linebackers can't cover for 15 seconds, its just too hard. Also, those little short passes for like 5 yards is what kills us, they throw under the coverage, a little 5 yard pass which turns out to be about a 20 yard gain.

Too me, Calvillo looked like the usual. But normally he starts off fast and scores on his first possession, not in this case.

But the Defence played outstanding the 2nd half, also did the offence. Lapointe looked great last night. Lewis, well he looked average.

Ezra Landry, always a pleasure to watch. I loved the play where he dropped the ball and it fell into the endzone, and he brought it out and returned it for a good 45 yards.

But, I must say, I wasnt totally impressed with our Defensive Special Teams, 2 big long returs, (The Opening Kickoff and The Return for a TD). Kerry Watkins was awesome, O-Line like usual was also.

Like Third and Ten said, we should pull up our socks soon, cause its only gonna get harder in the upcoming games.

Who needs Jermaine Copeland.

The game is about to begin in less than a hour on US TV, it should be a good one! :wink:

I feel like I'm watching a game in Australia than Canada.