Montford's outta there??!! are right on PIGSEYE.......We will finally see who is the best money and player juggler in the league...... :roll:

I am not so sure, by en large Joe was inaffective last year and at 35 years old, he may be done.

exactly....... why he would fit right back into the cats defence tom.......:slight_smile:

...he maybe 35....but he is in terrific physical shape....he really works out in the off-season...and if he looks anything like the Joe of last year....he can still ball.. :wink:

No doubt Joe will get a look by other clubs, but it is sad and is playing out like Elfred Payton's last few years.

Cost vs age is the problem for Joe. He is a heck of a good player. To hook up with another team he may have to take a pay cut! But you never know!

He was the Eskimos' nominee for outstanding defensive player last season. And now you guys are talking like he's a freaking invalid!

Montford was a big reason for Edmonton's success last year, and he is still a powerhouse on the D-line. I would be thrilled if he came back here, though I guess James Cotton would become the odd man out.

Even if Joe doesn't make as many sacks as before, he's one hell of a leader and can teach a few tricks to less experimented guys.

I'd be all in favour of getting him. Especially since the Als have about no vocal leaders. Calvillo and Cahoon are quiet leaders who inspire by their tenure on the field. But they won't get up in the locker room at halftime to get the spirits in war mode.

I was told the most vocal leaders there were on the Alouettes' defense were Barron Miles and Mark Megna... apparently, the Don doesn't like when his guys speak louder than him.

…or fart louder…

I think he should should be signed by the riders. He would be a great fit. He has always been one of my favorite players...

I guess signing Joe would come down to whether he takes a paycut or not.

How about Joe replacing Walby @ CBC...????That would definately be an improvement! :mrgreen:

LOL anyone would be a replacement over that idiot. I cant eat "Shake-and-Bake" chicken anymore. It reminds me of the only thing at comes out of his mouth during his commentary. lol

Eeewwww that creates an image I really , really want to forget.

Actually, that does sounds gross. I didnt mean for that to happen...that actually sounds well, not so nice...

I know you meant well...LOL

I for one am truly dissapointed and perplexed about the release of Joe Montford. I concur with the thought that the Eskimos are looking towards the following year and having to operate under the cap. That's the only spin that I can put on it.

We have a lot of import linemen now with the arrival of Collier. As tough as it is to swallow I have to believe Maciocia when he says "cap casulty". The thinking is that to keep Montford this season will mean cutting loose another younger and cheaper import that can play in the league and risk losing him for the following season, when they need to be under the cap.

I am sure that he will be missed in the room and know he will be missed on the field. Our loss will be another teams gain and help level the playing field even more.


Maybe his contract carried over to 2007 and this is the reason for letting him go. They probably asked him to redo his contract he probably refused. I think this happened to Montreal with some of their moves as well.

Just another example of “nobody is irreplaceable”

Esks can be tough of their aging horses. Willie Pless anyone?