Montford's outta there??!!

Just read it on the front page…Montford was cut loose…didn’t see that one coming…

Another pick up for the bombers :lol: ....

The Als who need help at defense end should sogn Monfort

Man... I can see eight general managers rushing to the phone... the Esks. actually counting their dough and being a little tighter with the purse strings...Victim of the says Maciocia....Joe won't be unemployed for very long...sign him Taman....might as well make us a little more intimidating on ..D'''' :lol:

typical gm. conversation

…YAH…Hello Huey…so you finally lost it…whats that you’re adhering strictly to the cap… that’s why you’re letting Joe go…now i know you’ve lost it… :lol:

BTW hassall, the Als just picked up Kai Ellis who's almost as good as Montford, but ten years younger and way less expensive.

.......But no matter how much Montford salary is.......I think any team would like to have Joe... He's still got lots left in the tank and.if they can squeeze him in under the cap.....I would say Sask. ...will be one team very interested....but then again maybe they blew there bundle on Joseph....this could get interesting.. :roll:

yikes thats a tough loss.

i dont see why we wouldnt trade him for atleast soemtin..

maybe were gonna sign him for less

Your right but he probably turned it down already. And his salary as it is many teams just may balk signing him. FOr his age he still plays very good.
Oh and he would be too good for Winnipeg!

......are the EE mgmt that brain dead?...........can't be......what gives, keep him this year when the cap isn't enforced.........oh well, hope we get into a bidding war for his services, could be quite useful on September 4th.......

I can't beleive the Commisioner Huey couldn't hide the salary....What a surprise!

Seeing as the cap isn’t enforced this year, it seems to me that maybe that isn’t the actual reason they let him go, but that it’s more of a convenient excuse… what that actual reason might be, not a clue… but maybe it just lets him keep his dignity or something

JOE MONTFORD wood be a nice addition to the Riders D line :mrgreen: hint hint shivers :wink: sign him NOW!!!!!

Interesting point 42monkey. Even though the cap isn't in effect till next year. Wally made a quote on the radio that they have to start getting things into place early....Maybe that means pay out lots of signing bonus's this year??? :wink:

Teams that do not plan for the cap will be in tough! Get your team in order now and then when the cap is place you will not need to chop big time!

....Seems to me Montreal is doing the same thing...with the player exits of theirs' recently....Everyone is trying to get their '''ducks in order' before the big shoe drops next year... :roll:

u said it

The Esks are soooooo freakin' deep on the d-line. with our first dispersal draft pick and our college pick we took defensive lineman. Add that to the fact that we already had a s*** load of d-lineman last year. I think the esks are gearing down more for age since many of the team's players are gettting on in age.

I would not be surprised to see big joe end up back with the cats.......

also on the topic of gms, it will be interesting to see how they all do now that they seem to have the same budget to work with........