Does anyone know what has happened with montford

Do you think we should bring him back???

how many times r we going to go through this people.. we wot get him unless he lowers his price and is willing to be a back up.

winnipeg should sign him and drop hebert

I forgot the sarcasm emoticon ( I didnt forget it..i hate them).

It was a shot at how many times this topic has been brought up in different ways..and how many people have asked if we were going to get him.

For the record, I thikn our team will be just fine without him this year..although I respect his contributions to the organization.

a source i know from the team said it’s unlikely as it comes down to marshall’s desire for the proper team chemistry more than the all mighty dollar

[url=] ... 6-sun.html[/url]
The Saskatchewan Roughriders offered Joe Montford a chance to prove the Edmonton Eskimos wrong.

After being cut by the Esks in April, the Riders made a contract offer to the future CFL Hall of Famer this spring, but Montford rejected it - and wasn't battling in the trench at Commonwealth Stadium last night when the Riders paid a visit for their final preseason game.

Montford's salary package in Edmonton last year was $165,000, but the Riders reportedly offered less than $100,000, possibly even half of what he made last year.