I have read the reports that Montford is talking with the Riders. Yesterday, I heard rumour that he has signed and an announcement will be made soon. Has anyone else heard this?

If we have Joe signed, I think that the Riders will have both the best D and O Line in the league. We will have a potent defense that will keep the offense on the field longer and an offense that will keep our defense off the field. This year we should realistically have one of the best shots we have had at the GC (going into TC) since we dominated regular season play in the late 60's and early 70's.

I wonder just how effective Montford would be, he is getting a little long in the tooth and might have lost a step. If he was still an impact player, Edmonton would still have him.

I'm pretty sure he was more of a salary dump than anything for Edmonton.

WIth all the salaries that Sask picked up on DD day, Im wondering if we can affrod him

I figure if he wants to play bad enough he will pay for a little less, segn him to am incentive based contract and if he plays to potential we pay him if not he gets his lower salary.

i am still crossing my fingers :!: that Joe will sign with us :smiley: if this is true & he signs :mrgreen: i will buy season tickets again 8) i do go to every game now but i will feel more like the 13th man if i have season tickets IMO, i am this close >< to buying them anyways :mrgreen: JOE will make a difference to the D line :wink:

Im not so convinced that Montford is the impact player that he used to be, if that were the case, another team would have snapped him up a long time ago.

Montford is a money player ???????
we cant aford him

IMO i think if we all had that opinion of some players to expensive or we cant afford it :shock: each year we wouldn't get the impact players :!: some times we just have to go for it :!: or it will be another 18 years to win a Grey Cup!

montford would be damn nice dont get me wrong but we already have a pimped out team . and he dose have a high askin price im sure maybe no1 will touch him and his asking price will go down then thatl be the time to steal him

Its better to develop a younger player rather than go after a high-priced vet who was cut because of his "salary"

Hopson said that we have to cut to get under the cap because we were over last year and we added Josephs salary at $400,000

ya but the salary cap dont come in to effect until next year :idea: so why not do it this year (sign Joe) on a 1 year contract and restructor Joe's contract and others next year. IMO true team players see & know they have a competive team and would like to gel together and stick together which means some players would take a pay cut if it meant keeping the same good players together :!: :mrgreen: :wink:

Montfords Salary is too big. Barrett himself said they would only sign him if his demands go down. Montford would be good on our d line because teams already have to worry about shultz and davis, and now that fred perry is becoming more well known, you can't double team 4 guys, even jurineack comes off the bench and is a monster. when healthy sask has the best defensive line in the league period. I would like to see montford in a riders jersey. and about the salary cap thing, we gained money from the nealon contract, from thurmons contract, grant restructured so he got less, mccallums big salary is out and we now have a rookie working for a rookie salary. so we saved money this surprising, even with the acquisition of Joseph. might be tight tho

We also have Daved Benefield as well jamie

I thought that Benefield got cut? Maybe not tho.
I don't think the Riders will sign Montford for one reason. Over the past few years, the Shiv has gradually been building his team on younger players. For example, although Travis Moore was probably our best reciever last year,but the Shiv decided to go with younger players like Bailey and Jamal Richardson. Can Montford still play? In my opinion yes, but I doubt that you will see him in the Green and White next year.

Maybe he was cut, I dont see his name on the roster at

It's a no brainer, we're talking about JOE MONTFORD, who cares about a one year salary, the man is total motivation, he can win games single handedly if used properly and If for some bizarre reason our top ranked offense stumbles wouldn't the extra depth on "D" be nice.............GO RIDERS

We dont have Daved Benefield anymore... And also Joe Montford is Amazing. I dont care how much he costs. The CFL doesnt give a rat's ass about team salaries this year anyway. They arent enforcing the Salary Cap. So who cares?

Although Montford is still playing pretty amazing, his age is probably becoming a deterent for teams that are interested in him. I have a feeling that most teams would rather try and devlop younger defensive lineman(ex. edmonton with braidwood).