Montford Released Again!!!

Maybe this is the hidden bash thread...

Quotes from posts in this thread

"It's sad to see, but he just can't do the job anymore"

"Given the age of James Cotton and Tim Cheatwood, its unlikely the Cats could ever consider hiring Joe back"

"Joes tank is Empty.. IMO"

"Sign him to an honorary contract next year"

"It may not be too surprising tht he was cut again, as he simply is not what he used to be."

"BUT Bring back Joe as a backup"

"Reason cited was lack of production, sacks and forcing the QB."

"Montford seems to have lost his moejoe."

"Collier is a better back up than Joe."

"Cheatwood and Cotton are better than Joe."

Don't stop short, Habman. Rebutt all the bashes or else one might think you are simply being verbally abusive to another forum member.

Have never verbally abused another poster !!!! Thank You .

Sign him if the price is right.

Joe knows hunger.

Lack of Production, sacks and forcing QB....Not bashing anyone mate, that was the article from the Edmonton Sun, not I. Thought that was clear.

You know Habman, Joe made his own bed. Fans have a right to be critical of a guy who chose to leave, cost us Miles to get him back, then overestimated his value the second time around when he had a chance to be a leader on a rebuilding team. Rather the free agent game, be prepared for the consequences....

I was not replying to anything you posted Matelot .

Joe Montford played very well the second time around in Hamilton . As far as Miles I havent seen him set the CFL on fire and i`ll take Flick over him any day .

Are you telling me kid, that you would stick around Hamilton if another team offered you double what you were making here ??? I doubt that very much . I doubt very much that Joe cares what people on here think of him . I just hate to see a former great Ticat get slagged thats all . Lots of players at the end still think they have what it takes to play . He will go down as one of, if not, the best DE in the history of the CFL and thats not bad eh ??

I doubt the best DE in the CFL has ever (or will ever) be "defined", but such being said Joe Montford is a League All Star, based on his past performances.

Its true that we could sign him back, and retire #53 with full honours, put his name up on the Wall of Fame and so on, if we could find the frigging roster space to do so...

Which would mean we could resolve our kicking woes and come to a "decision" of who's on the team, and who is not.

The Boreham Bashers are the key to this, either shut them up, or shut them down, and you have an opportunity to rehire Montford to a reasonable contract, and gain a rush end who can and will rotate with the existing D to give both pause and pain to the opposition.

Failto come to a resolution on the kicking thing, and you cannot bring in anyone else, and, of course, the whining will continue, and we will carry on down the slippery slope...

But if we sort ourselves out about the kicking, and accept something less than perfection, we can bolster the D with a one play in four Master of the game...

The question will be if the Fans and/or Mgmt can figure out the punting/place kicking assignments and reduce us to one player or two, rather than three...

Whats Mr Katz and Ronnie gonna do this week?

Good question!

A great player in his day ??? He`s every bit as good as Grover or any other DE who ever played in the CFL
You're kidding right?

you mean WAS as good as .... etc etc etc.

not is.

he's done, love the guy, was a great Ticat, probably one of the best all time, but not right now.

Interesting to note that Joe is now complaining that as a veteran he deserved more from the Eskimos (comments quoted after his recent release). I think this pretty much sums it up. When the system worked for him(using free agency to maximize his earnings) he thought everything was great. Then when he hits the point where a team decides they're better off without him, somehow he's entitled to special treatment. The end came faster than he expected it to, but I say again that he brought it on himself. Players that stick with their team are going to be treated differently than those that see free agency as the best option. No tears here.

What goes around comes around.

I really don’t think Joe will be out of work long…AND…it would not surprise me to see him back with Hamilton…remember people…Never Say Never…this is the CFL and anything can happen! :wink:

and "a guy like myself" means what? an aging DE that likes to bad mouth teams that cut or trade him?

Jeez Joe, if you'd just shut up you'd be remembered so much more fondly....

We are still weak at defensive tackle!Make him take a pay cut and put him in as a defensive tackle!Montford is better then petterson!anytime!

we don't need another wannabe DE at DT.

DT's are supposed to clog the middle and occassionally rush the passer. mostly allowing for the DE's to be man on man allwoing for better penetration.

Our Dline seems to be going every man for himself (last game excluded).

It may have worked for Winnipeg (turning warner into a DT from a DE) but I don't know if Joe has what it takes to be a DT.

That is the one place you shouldn’t put Joe. He is undersized and does not have the strength to play tackle.

Joe made it in this leage because of the brilliant defensive mind of Don Sutherin. Joe originally came to the CFL with Shreveport to play LB. Don realized he was fast enough that on the wide field he could do some damage as a rush end…and voila a career was made.

As a DT Joe would get eaten alive IMO.

Joe was a great rush end, he was great when speed was involved. Many times teams would run at Joe’s side of the field and often he was manhandled on the power running side of the ball.

I loved the two second in the backfield swipe Joe would unleash on QB’s it was a thing of beauty. I didn’t like all the offsides, but, well what can you do.

Will Joe come back, I don’t know. I would welcome him back, I would. The only player that ever left Hamilton and came back that I actually did not want to see ever wear black and gold again was Mike O’Shea.

All the best Joe, wherever you end up you certainly provided many electrifying memories and for that I thank you.