Montford Released Again!!!

Just heard the Eskimos released Joe Montford for the second time this season. It’s sad to see, but he just can’t do the job anymore. Looked alot like Angelo Mosca in 1972, just hanging in there but not doing much.

Eskimo's are at the bottom of the West, which they are certyainly not used to...

As both Management and Coaching are unused to this feeling, I wouldn't exactly "trust" their judgement on who's to go and who's to stay...

I fully expect that Montford has the abilities to play, and play well, in this league for one or two more years, but he has to understand the contracts will be short, and less munificent. Defences will no longer be "designed" around his "former abilities".

Given the age of James Cotton and Tim Cheatwood, its unlikely the Cats could ever consider hiring Joe back (we need to find some younger guys to learn from our proven vets!)

One of those where its really too bad...I'd have really enjoyed Joe playing it out with the Cats...

Not Surpise by This at all

Joes tank is Empty.. IMO

I think He should be ask to sign a one day Contract and Retire a Ticat

Joe Montford is one of my favorite professional athletes.

I would love to see him retire a Ticat.

Sign him to an honorary contract next year (or at the end of this year) and let Joe be black and gold once again.

I don't mean to sound like I'm a stickler for verification of news posted here, but I'd appreciate it if a link to news on this were posted here. I looked on the web to see if this were true, but could not find anything. I just like to make sure that news posted here is accurate, that's all.

It may not be too surprising tht he was cut again, as he simply is not what he used to be. But the Eskimos did have a reason to keep him around. It appeared he played an appropriate role with the team, as you can see from this article on Adam Braidwood, which you can read if you click here.

Here's the relevant part of the article:

"Braidwood has also been receiving advice from some veterans like Steve Charbonneau and Joe Montford. He said Montford has been especially helpful.

"Right away he was on me, talking to me, telling me what I need to do better," said Braidwood. "He was an influence right away."

So that could be the kind of contribution Montford can make now, and I suppose discussions on whether or not we should bring him back may begin again.

I like Cotton, Cheatwood, But Joes Numbers are up. BUT Bring back Joe as a backup :thup: :smiley:

Hell. NO .We won't GO.

Bring Back Joe :smiley:

Bring him back and let this Cat retire a cat. Hey if his tank is empty bring him back even for one game and retire him a Ticat.

Todays Edmonton Sun confirms Joe's release. Reason cited was lack of production, sacks and forcing the QB. Sorry, I don't know how to provide a link, maybe someone can look it up and do so.

Montford seems to have lost his moejoe.

I bet that if Joe was to return to Steeltown he would be the old Joe. He seemed to feed of the energy of IWS. Where else is the hometown crowd more excited for the defence?

But what would the Cats pay him? $90,000/yr? Joe still has to eat.

Maybe. :?

Collier is a better back up than Joe.

Cheatwood and Cotton are better than Joe.

The sad thing is....
if Joe hadn't become an argo/traitor he probably wouldn't have had that fall off, and probably could have ended up being "Hamilton's Pinball"

Sorry to see you go Big Joe, I know i'll be trying my damndest to remember the good years and block out 2002-2003 and Preseason 2005.

With all due respect to Joe, I just think he has played his cards badly in the past...

The correct thing to have done was to humbly play his heart out for the Ticats, kept his grievances low-key and not run off to other cities like Toronto and then bee-otched to the media about Hamilton.....he could have very well retired from the Ticats with a long, distinguished career just like Grover Covington did.....

He was a great player in his day...I'll give him that... 8)

If the Ticats signed him for a "one-day" deal, I'd say sure....go for it...

A great player in his day ??? He`s every bit as good as Grover or any other DE who ever played in the CFL !!!! ]]

Why dont you please just stop bashing the man . We get the picture , you dont like him . He`s a Hall of Famer no question and nobody should ever be critical of a man who goes somewhere for more money , especially when he has such a small window of opportunity to help his family .

Joe your a class act and anyone who says different is just jealous of your success !!!! Hope to see you soon in a car circling the field on Hall of Fame day !!!! I`ll be cheering you on big time Joe !!!!

[quote="habman"]A great player in his day ??? He`s every bit as good as Grover or any other DE who ever played in the CFL !!!! ]]

Why dont you please just stop bashing the man .

Bash???? Sometimes when that word is only used once in a posting, it's overused. I read the facts in his post.

I did, and have read his comments on this player many times and yes he does and is bashing him .

Yes teams would love it if you HUMBLY played your heart out and kept your mouth shut . That way they can underpay you even when they built thier defence around you .

I thought I took extra care to voice a balanced assessment.....I didn't start this thread remember and actually don't mention Joe's name very often....and have stayed out of a lot of Montford threads in the past...

I thought I actually praised Joe in my post for some of his past work....


No you stated he should of kept his mouth shut and stayed in Hamilton and not try and make more money . Yet nobody says the same about Danny Mac , Flutie a number of times and many other players who have left for other teams for more money .

You have insinuated in the past that Montford was a cancer in the dressing room . I have never heard that about the man and I think any who have are jeaous of the outspokeness of the man . But when you can back it up you can say whatever you want .Im sure he`s happy about the Grey Cup ring he recieved from last season !!!!!