Montford Miracle

I don’t know what the hell I watched tonight but I’m pretty sure the Ticats Legends on the sidelines willed this victory away from Edmonton. Hopefully some of their heart found it’s way into this team’s chest at the end of the game. I thought the season was over. Halilujah or Harilahu!

We’ll see where this goes, hopefully June Jones will get back to his play calling form of last year.

JJ’s play calling last year sucked! Cost us a game or two. So letz not wish that on our team.
Letz just hope they keep going in right direction.

Agreed. We won last year and last night despite his bad playcalling and horawful game management.

Yes. Horawful. Shaq made that a word.

just tirrrrrrible

Ya, I was more referring to the offensive game plan but yes game management is still in question!