Montford Cut

Vicki Hall of the Edmonton Journal is reporting that Joe Montford's been let go by Edmonton.

This isn't all that surprising. He really hasn't done much in the way of bringing pressure since being resigned.

I guess that puts Antico Dalton at the other end spot opposite Braidwood. Either that, or they dress Charles Alston and start him.

this is on the cfl main page.

this can't be encouraging for donny then get cut 4 weeks later.

...seems they have a revolving door at the igloo....the Esks. look like they're dazed and a big promising heavy-weight who took a shot to the chops and is just hanging on to the ropes before he hits the canvass...i think someone in Edmonton better ring the bell.... :?

Isn't this embarassing for the Esks. Desperately bringing back Montford, just to cut him again! Makes you wonder...

This is ridiculous. Montford missed preseason and most of the year and was only just starting to get his groove back, and they cut him? Exactly who do they think will do a better job than Joe Montford? Absurd. Maybe now the TiCats can re-sign big Joe to shore up that pass rush.

.....Edmonton and Hamilton still have a back-to-back series left....wouldn't JM be vicious in the black and yellow against his old team?...THAT would be entertaining....

not gonna happen tho.

Edmonton's problems don't like with Joe Montford, if they did, the problems would not have occurred before he returned.

What a bunch of morons. :roll:

hopefuly ottawa picks him up next year.

yeast, montford, warren....cheaper than normal.

Maybe Edmonton should start looking at making some coaching changes instead of cutting all their good vetran players.

This is not surprising at all, because the only thing he did of note was to get DQed in his first game back. I dont think Montford could contribute anything to another team, or Edmonton would not have cut him in training camp in the first place. Joe was a great pass rusher , but it time for him to retire.

This is getting to be a joke in Edmonton. They cut the guy in training camp then realise that htey dont have anyone better than him so they sign him again. And now they cut him again? maybe he will sign with them again around week 12-13 when the esks still continue to struggle because they take stupid penalties and cant score.

Im curious how their problems can be linked to a DE though. If they really wanted to make a statement maybe they should cut one of their receivers who cant find the endzone

The eskimos keep getting burned with big plays on defence. This is because the secondary has to cover guys for so long(no pass rush from the d-line), and b/c of missed tackles. Making changes on the d-line wouldn't surprise me... BUT THIS??? Cutting, re-signing, and then cutting Montford again is one of the most embarassing situations I have ever heard of. It makes me feel embarassed to be an eskimo fan.

In reality, the main problem is MACIOCCA! The players seem like they don't even want to be playing or trying for him anymore. Add that to his idiotic schemes and you get.... THE ABSOLUTE WORST COACH IN THE CFL.

Joe is 35 years old and I am afraid nowhere near the force he once was. In the games he looked slow and only had one sack.
Regardless and even though they won the GC last year, DM may be the next coaching casualty if the team looses the next 1-2 games.

ya im going to have to agree with you on worst coach in the CFL :wink: something is goin on there, soon the axe will fall :stuck_out_tongue:

Well , BGM, at least you are not still saying that we should sign Montford this time around... :roll:

well i was thinkin of it :wink: i still like him, but ya i know he dont want to play here, so p*ss on him :cowboy:

would he play in TO again.....

prolly :lol: they p/up anyone who has 2 legs and a heart beat :lol: