Montford and Davis

I took my little guy to the Joe Montford and Troy Davis autograph signing today. Both guys were very good and accomodated everyone. I was VERY impressed with them. I am proud to have both of their signatures on my little guys jersey! Class acts all the way.

ps - I made sure to tell Cameron (my son) how hard Montford hit and that he made QB's wish that they had picked a different profession and that Davis could run like the wind.

Still my favourite player. I have both home and away jerseys with his name on it.

Great to hear, Rusty!

Both men are Ticat greats -- it's cool they are back for functions such as that for Labour Day weekend!

Oski Wee Wee,

Right on!

Kudos to management for recognizing tradition.

man I missed it the Ticats should have advertised this better :roll:

along with winfield zambiasi vaughn walker and covington, they are two of my favs ever.
montford to me was one of the most dominant defensive players in cfl history.

Anyone who saw him play would agree with you. The years we had him on the end of the line, Tiggle in the middle, and other great guys like Hitch, Philbrick, etc., were some fantastic years for the Cats' D.

The year Montford played with Edmonton with Rashaad Jeanty on the other side of the dline(04 or 05 IIRC) was great defensive football to watch. Opposing QBs didn't know where to go; if Montford wasn't coming in from one side, Jeanty was usually coming free from the other!

Joe was on of kind..
Just wish Could have Retired in Black & Gold.

Montford was so misused when he played for the Argos. I was really looking forward to seeing him line up opposite of Elfrid Payton in 2003...but Payton got cut...

My nickname on this site before the overhaul was MontfordSacks. He is my all-time favorite. Meeting him just solidified that. VERY personable person. I remember him and Cheatwood playing together... MAN OH MAN. The poor QB's that had to line up behind centre!

I still remember the front-four you guys had a few years ago with Montford and Cheatwood on the ends and Belli in the middle. My God, that was a scary pass rush.