Mont VS Hamilton

What a stop by Hamilton's D! Hopefully Montreal can stop them now!

I think that was a dumb gamble! Have some faith in your D to end the game!! Not looking good for Riders after that play! :thdn:

Pretty surprised it took until now for a thread on this one, been a good second half!

Definitely a nice stop by the D there. Now we'll see if Porter can bring it home since Glenn looks hurt.

Wow that was some crazy plays! Happy the Riders still have a small, microscopic chance at playoffs! This has been a pretty good game though!! :thup:

Great ending on this one! Montreal clinches second place at worst. :thup:

This is the second game I'm left absolutely blown away with Trestman's decision. Why did he go for the gamble?
The smart move is to punt the ball away and let your defense do what they're supposed to do. You're in the lead, the clock is your don't need any more points.

Totally bizarre call. Although fortunately for him, MTL ended up with the win.

I agree with that geroy!! I was amazed with that play calling! And lack of execution at that! They make that play 90% of the time! But with just over a minute left, why not just punt it away, give them a long field to work with! Stupid decision IMO even if they succeeded, Risk out weighs the reward!

The officiating in this game was awful. Blown calls on both sides, no consistency. Somehow my Als fluked their way into a win. Very ugly, but I'll take it.

Have to agree there were some bad blown calls, the Winnipeg “non” TD catch was the game changer, too bad Hamilton didn’t have that time challenge left, pass interference in the end zone a few series later was also missed, not even questioned, except by Dunigan who mentioned it was early contact. Unfortunately the refs don’t always get it right, that’s the split second decisions that they have to make. It was an ugly way to win, but then that’s the nature of sport sometimes.

Also, for those who think the officiating only favored Montreal, the Cats were getting away with some pretty flagrant illegal contact earlier in the game. On Brandon London's catch inside the three-minute warning before the end of the first half, watch what the Cat DB is doing to Jamel Richardson on the replay. That's pretty much mugging from start to finish.

The refs won it for the Als plain and simple,but the Als know the refs can't bail thier butts all the time.This Als team won't make it this year. :rockin:

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One of these days they’ll get a pass interference penalty that takes the ball down to their 1 yard line with only a handfull of seconds to go in the game on a call where the receiver grabbed the defender then jumped and fell in order to draw a flag from a ref while leading by 6 points. That’ll show em