mont. better hope

mont.better hope they get the same refs in the GC.Yesterday they got no penalties.Zero,zilch,nothing!They were never offside,nobody held any eskimo,no infractions at all.Another perfect football team!I wrote about this before and the last time it happened was with the Flutie argos.Suprise,they went on to win the GC.This kind of BULL leaves a bad taste.BTW,Edm.had 10 penalties.

If you are going to whine..... at least get your facts right...
Edmonton had 4 penalties and 2 of them were deliberate time in reality, they only had 2.
Edm and MTL were the lowest penalised team in the league this year so its not all that surprising they they both were well disciplined yesterday

...if Montreal received no penalties yesterday I'd chalk that up to disciplined football, not some loony conspiracy theory...

While I agree that Montreal maybe disciplined I have a very very hard time believing that the flag happy CFL refs could not find one infraction on the AL's side. :roll:

I would have to agreee as well. I have yet to see that in a football game well with the exceptions of the game yesterday.

If I remember correctly, one of the other penalties was an offside where the DT clearly jumped into the neutral zone and tried to back off the ball before it was snapped. I believe another penalty was an offside on the goal line where it took 3 first down plays for McPherson and the Als to punch it in. I didn't see what had happened there. There was the pass interference also so in reality, 2 calls that could had the potential to be questionable. Why am I counting 5 now?

I think that was a very disciplined game by both teams. No need to cry foul.

As for complaining about officiating, what about the Eskimos blatantly roughing the kicker yesterday with no call? What about at least one clear instance of Cahoon being interfered with that wasn't flagged as illegal contact on a receiver? Seems to me the officials actually gave the Eskimos a break on more than one occasion. So let's stop talking about the officiating and give credit where it's due. Edmonton played a good game, but Montreal was better.

That was a really good game. I don't think officiating had anything to do with the outcome.

The refs let the players play combined with both teams very disciplined. Yes, a bit odd no penalties on the Als and yes, holding does go on on almost every play but only blatant holding calls should be called. Just the way it went.

The fewer flags thrown, the better the game. Congrats to both teams for keeping the penalties down.