Monster Truck

Monster Truck to perform at halftime on October 17

Oh Yeah baby!!!!

I'll have to brush up on my "truckisms" whatever that might be. :oops:

I'm wondering if they will have some sort of mobile stage thingy they can pull to centre field or maybe setup a stage in the nortwest corner? Who's betting it will be a mobile stage?

Well, I have to go now... I have championed them playing at THF in various threads.. now I get to see an abbreviated version of a concert!

:thup: :rockin:

They should set up a stage on the back of an actual monster truck.

I was just hinking that myself! Perhaps a pre-war Chrysler Power Wagon flatbed?

Awesome. Can’t wait. Best new hard rock band around, anywhere. Jon, Jeremy, Brandon or Steve, if you’re reading this may I request “Lethal Weapon Cop Car”

This makes this game 5 times more awesome.

Some required listening, learn the crowd chanting and lets rock the place!

A very brief taste of Monster Truck at halftime.

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I guess I am an older generation but Monster Truck just sounded like loud irritating noise to me!

I love Monster Truck. A great throwback, 70s rock sound.

But, that sound system they used was absolutely horrible, and one of the worst I've ever heard.

Why didn't they use the stadium speakers which were much clearer.

It was a great set, they performed very well, and it looked like they must have been hearing themselves sounding quite good too, but not us in the stands. Sounded like I was in the house across the street, and we were getting muffled, filtered sound.

I thought it sounded horrible because they DID use the stadium speakers.

The better sound would have been from their own equipment.

Overall, thought they were good, but the sound didn't help them.

Not particularly my cup of tea in terms of musical genre - but better than nothing I guess.

The couple next to me were quite excited watching as I guess the wife is friends with the drummer. And my 15 year old nephew liked what he heard enough that he googled them on the way home

I'm in my 60's and loved the music. I like this type of rock. Reminds me of my youth :rockin:.

On another note the choice of music during the game was better this time.... No rap, no dance crap, etc. Ozzie, Hendrix, Beatles, Zepplin, etc. Finally!

live musical acts never use the stadium sepakers in any venue. there is far too much echoe and muffing of sound due to sound waves. Concerts at the ACC, Rogers Centre, Copps, even Keith Urban at THF bring in their own speaker clusters to project sound in one direction

^^^^Ok, fine, whatever.

Next in game concert use something, anything, other than what they used for Monster Truck.

They used the in house stadium speakers. Same ones they use for game anouncements.

^^^^ Are you sure?

It sure didn't sound like it from where we were sitting, and everyone all around was commenting on that, and the poor,muffled quality of the sound.

As soon as their set finished, the stadium announcer made an announcement, and there was complete agreement and surprise at how much better, and clearer he sounded. Quite obvious.

Oh well, whatev...

It could just be that they are horrible...

I really enjoyed it! :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)