Monfort-Comiskey - Who got the best end of the deal?

Now, that's what I call a big trade!

Who got the best end of that deal? Personally, I think the Eskimos got the biggest playmaker. Can't argue the Ticats needed a good OL, but isn't Monford a bit too big of a price to pay?

Third and Ten, I thought I would put it this way. Montford is in his twlight years and Comiskey is 5 years younger. The Eskies are short on offensive lineman. Montford is an American and Comiskey is Canadian. Depth with your Canadians are important whereas an old American D Lineman are a dime a dozen. Am I see this wrong or do you see something in this trade that I do not. I mean Montford was a force a few years ago but he has been slowing down over the last two years. Mind you I guess McGrath is ready to step up but then again when you give a Canadian up for an Amercian it is never a good trade IMO. Yes do not tell me what happened with the Stamps last year that was done through stupidity and desparation.

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I have to agree with REDandWHITE. The trade won't look bad because Montford is awesome, and will porbably put up some good numbers, but good CAnadian offensive linemen are probably more valuable.

Edmonton may be preparing for the loss of Jeanty, who may deprt to the NFL.

Im RedandWhite and you cannot agree with me because I haven't said anything yet on the subject..................

My take on the trade is similar to my close, but not the same, brother redwhite2005. I see this trade as a win-win, both teams gained something they needed for something they no longer had value in. No doubt some big names, but no body 'lost' in the end.

definetly no real loser on this one, boith teams get preoven winners, and after thinking about it the slight edge may go to hamilton, although I allready voted esks.

Sorry RedandWhite, I will be more careful not to get you and Redandwhite2005 mixed up.

c'mon are you guys dreamin' IN THE CFL YOU NEVER give up proven CANADIAN talent for an import and I don't care how good,; (and in this case Montford is on the downside of his career) ...... Hamilton is laughing all the way to the bank on this one......Huey give your head a shake ,you just broke one of the cardinal rules......but then again maybe, just maybe ,Edm. can come up smelling like a rose on this one but I DOUBT IT. Young CAN. talent, on an 'O' line that needs good pass protection ,for an ageing pass rusher... what's WRONG with that picture. :shock:

think you are seeing it wrong redandwhite2005

Montfor was born in 1970 Comiskey was born in 1972 not sure were do you get five years from and was also second in the league last year with sacks and will lead again next year with the esks strong secondary (if guys like this are a dime a dozen why doesn't every team have a guy with 10+ sacks a year)also the esks are already deep with Canadians.

well i guess redandwhite2005 you are looking through beer goggles

Good trade that should help both teams. I'd have to pick Montford, but we'll see soon enough.

Would I like to have, let's see...... excellent PROVEN YOUNGER CANADIAN talent on my team vs. 'GOING OVER THE HILL' IMPORT uhhhhh. No my case. :arrow:

I think this trade swings in favour of the Ti-Cats. I don't think this trade was about dumping old talent to get young Canadian blood. At least not the main reason. Montford wanted out of Hamilton. He wanted too much money and Lancaster told him he wasn't going to get it, so Montford openly said this was going to be his final season with the Cats. He would play out his option and that was it. This was a great job by Ronnie to get ride of what would most certainly be a distraction all season. We got something for Montford instead of just letting him walk away. Besides, Montford can't play outside of Hamilton. Look at his numbers in T.O. before he came back. I wish him the best, but I'm not too upset.

A great trade by Ronnie & Co. Talented and big-enough non-import O linemen are difficult to find whereas quick and fast talented US college grads on defensive are, as someone said above, a dime a dozen. Hey, I love Joe and will miss him here in Tiger-town but he wanted too much money for what he is worth at his age. TiCat management was smart to get something valuable for him now and not later when we may have got nothing if he played out his option like he said he would.

I think it swings in favour of the Esks, primarily because of the return of Bruce Beaton this season after a year of retirement. That allowed them to honor Comiskey's request to be moved east. Although giving up a Canadian lineman is a tough decision it's not like it was a fire sale. They were still going to need some more help on the D-line this season and now they have acquired a guy who has been the outstanding defensive player in the league 3 times in the last 7 years. Montford improves the Eskimo defence more than Comiskey improves the Ti-Cat offence.

I don't like giving up good Canadian talent, but The Eskies did get a good one in Mountford. The fact the Beaton was back was probably a factor. I think it's a win-win for both teams. End of the season will determine who got "The Better" of the deal.

When you lose a Canadian and gain an American the loser is the team that lost a Canadian. Deth in Canadian content is important.

So who did get the better end of this deal?

hmmm... This is an oldie. But Montford did play a big part in helping the Esks win a Grey Cup in '05, so it's kind of hard to say the Esks didn't win this deal. The Esks ended up getting Dan Comiskey back in the Maas deal after the season was over IIRC.

I voted for the Esks, but the pic is graphic proof the CFL has made international inroads since being picked up by the SportsTibet network! :rockin: