Money vs Mouthy

We ready for the circus show tomorrow night as Connor boxes Mayweather? Lol I can't even type that with a straight face

Only chance he has to winning is by landing a shin bone on Floyd's cranium

Atleast he made bank though

Mouthy is lucky Money doesn't have much oomph to his punches anymore (not that he ever did) ---- prolly worst Mouthy can expect is getting his fat lips busted up even worse by some quick action pelting . . . . . wonder if Conor just by instinct will go for a takedown on the money-man?

Of course, if he breaks from boxing protocol doesn't he risk his entire 100+ million purse?

There's no logical reason to think this match should be close, but something about McG's confidence that gives me pause. I'll probably tune in out of curiosity if I can stay up that late. ;D

There's a big difference between real confidence and trumped up confidence.
In the WWE many a guy has built up their reputation (and legacy) via fake on-air confidence. Best example would be Buddy Rogers - who Bruno Sammartino could have snapped in half in 10 seconds (and did) who was a master on the stick and built up the bad guy vs. good guy personas.

In recent times its Jesse 'The Body' Venture - a guy so mortally afraid of contact he hung out his tag team partners to keep his fragile steroid-infested body intact. But he was wonderful on the mike.

McGregor is a legit tough guy in the world of mixed martial arts - fighting soda cans to average joes but he's in with a Top 20 of all-time guy tonite. Money will spend an ordinate amount of time on his bicycle - staying away from Conor's lunges and desperate KO whiffs, while inflicting routine minor damage via jab and occasional crosses. By the 7th or 8th rd. Conor will be on the verge of gassing - so he'll either go all out trying to killshot Money - or die trying. His best outcome is Mayweather winning a stoppage (TKO) in the 8th or 9th round due to Conor's corner failure to stop significant bleeding.

Conor comes out a triumphant wounded warrior cuz he went deep on Mayweather.

Mayweather gets his win #50 and retires undefeated before hitting 42.

I don’t know that I’d call McG’s competition as average joes, but it is definitely a different sport, and Mayweather is arguably the best ever at that weight. I think you’re description of tonight’s fight is a very probably outcome. Put Mayweather in the cage with 4oz gloves, though, and I doubt he’d last a round with some of the average joes McG had KO’d.

Just read they are going with 8oz gloves instead of the agreed 12oz..

If conor does land that left

With proper MMA training (probably earlier in his career) Mayweather would have made an above average, if not superior MMA fighter. Especially if you combine his ultra-superior boxing skills & speed with some takedown and control techniques. That said, I don't like the guy but athletically & physically he's far superior to frauds like Ronda Rousey, Rousey's waddling hubby, Kimbo Slice and probably 80% of the UFC mouthpieces.
From the women's p.o.v. I would have like to see Gina Carano continue her MMA career. Unfortunately they booked her vs. Cyborg Justino in a mega fight nearly 10 yrs ago. Gina gave Cyborg a solid run for her money thru the first 4 or 4.5 minutes but Cyborg was just too powerful and eventually forced Gina to succumb.
Gina would have finished off Ronda Rousey even faster than Hollywood Holly Holm did. Gina never fought again - has a nice movie/TV career going as a b-level actress.

Yes people, you are hearing about this much hyped circus on the CFL forums! :slight_smile:

Feel free to discuss any aspect of the fight. But, Johnny is especially curious to know, if anyone has paid the 99$ pay per view fee to watch the fight live?

Note: If you think the price is absurd, it's ok to say so, and why (for you). But, no judgments or criticisms if someone else paid the 99$.Different things have different value to different people. People are also free to spend their money on whatever makes them happy.

Johnny did not pay the 99$ and will not watch the fight. Very curious to find out the result though!

I'll watch if I'm awake enough and can find it online. I don't expect it to be especially exciting, but it's a curiosity for sure.

It would be surprising if it is online live, or soon after the fight. The pay per view companies need to make the product exclusive, if they want to get people to pay for it.

Mayweather in round 3 or earlier.

Whats that based on?

I say Mayweather in 5 or 6 - he will want to drag it out for everyone who paid big bucks to watch the fight.

I want the Irishman to win but, sadly, it won't happen.

I do not follow boxing anymore and have never followed MMA. Still, I expect the contest will be a big snooze-fest with the ending being: why was I stupid enough to pay for this?

Yup. Don't expect this one to go past the third round.

It'd be interesting to see these two go at it UFC style though. I think UFC is a far greater test on who is the world's best fighter.

Too many people paid BIG $$$ to see this. Mayweather will want to give them their money's worth - to encourage them to pay for future fights.

Sadly, the Irishman will go down, but M will carry him for a couple rounds.

Pretty much this

I dissagree. Its Floyds last fight. Get in get out collect his 70 mil.. he never cared about the fans why start now.

Set up a facebook live stream..
Me vs you, octagon, no rules.. Maybe we can make a cool 50 bucks each.

It might be worth it. Kick your @ss and make $50. Sounds like a good day's work.