Money Saving Idea for 2009

Have a old Printers jersey that you wish to get rid of?

Don't throw it away, recycle it instead !

Take the letters off the back, buy yourself an "O", and re-arrange them to get PORTER.

Your welcome.

Not sure if you've noticed, but football jerseys have these great big numbers on them, and each player has his own.

You also have to buy 2 small 2s and 2 big 2s then centre the 12s in all 4 locations.

i think it's just easier to buy a new one

OMG ... looks like we are in for a looooong off-season

Darn!! I thought this was going to be about how to make the beer go further (last longer).

Hey, I just thought I’d interject a bit of humour. It is the longest off season in sports isn’t it?

And thanks Kirk. I never noticed the numbers before.

Go get 'em Als.